Nissan Skyline R32,R33,R34 | 1989-2002 | GTR and GTS-T- A JDM Car Legend -

The Nissan Skyline is without a doubt one of the most popular famous and reverred JDM Sports cars inside and outside of Japan.  The Skyline has such a legendary reputation for good reason, the R32 was definitely ahead of its time and Skyline was undoubtedly one of Nissan's pinnacles, even to do this day, continued with the groundbreaking R35 Nissan GTR.

Although there is much debate within the Nissan Skyline enthusiast community about which car is the best, most fanatics will tell you that they favor the R32 and R34 chassis over the R33.  This is rather strange, since the R33 generally seems to have a better and more balanced chassis and has certainly bested an R32 GTR at the track enough times.

It is also undeniable that the R32 GTR is perhaps one of the most aggressive looking of the series, although people generally agree the R34 GTR is certainly the best looking of the entire Skyline series.  In fact it can be argued that the R34 GTR is one of the best looking JDMs ever.

The Skyline has quickly become a cult classic around the world, especially in places like the UK, Australia and recently Canada ever since the first R32 GTS-T's and GTR's were available for import back in 2004.

The Nissan Skyline earned its name by besting its rivals in the Group A racing category.  In fact it did so well that the rules were changed to ensure the R32 could no longer compete.

There's also no doubt that the R32 GTR which debuted in 1989, was far ahead of it's time, it offered 276 HP (although many believe the true output much like other JDMs is well above 300HP), ATESSA AWD with a 50/50 torque split and Super HICAS all wheel steering.  Not to mention the excellent job that Nissan did with the twin turbo RB26DETT engine which is generally considered unmatched except when compared to Toyota's 2JZ-GTE engine.


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