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Unbiased Information about JDM Cars/Japanese Imports

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The inspiration for our community grew since 2004 since the rise of imports of amazing Japanese cars from Japan's domestic market (JDM), most of which were previously unavailable in markets outside Japan.

Examples of why people find jdmvip.com so useful:
  • Researching JDM Cars, Ask Us Anything and We Can Help
  • Car Specifications
  • Reviews of JDM Cars
  • Importing/Exporting Japanese Used Cars
  • Parts and Suggestions
  • Engine Information
  • Car Maintenance
  • Common and Problems and Solutions for
In that time there have been many different websites, communities and of course companies formed to serve the JDM Import Car enthusiast community.  Unfortunately since this is the automotive industry, there are a lot of underhanded and dishonest things that do go on when it comes to JDM Cars.

Most concerning of all are communities sponsored by different JDM import companies that ensure negative opinions and information cannot be circulated about their dealings, many hiding under the guise of being an enthusiast site and trying to claim they are unbiased.  There are certainly many great communities and importers to serve the needs of the import community but there are perhaps just as many that are waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting JDM Japanese Used car buyers.

Unlike many other communities and sites, we have absolutely no involvement or ties to anyone in this industry.  We are individuals who want to get the most out of Japan's finest offerings of JDM Cars and help others do the same.

This site was created first and foremost with the consumer in mind. Our goal is to provide real exciting, unbiased and factual information about the excellent variety of JDM cars available for import.

We hope you enjoy our growing community and the wealth of information it will continue to be for as long as the JDM scene is alive.

If you have any questions about JDM cars visit our Japanese Import Car forums by clicking here.

We'd also like to remind everyone that JDMVip.com welcomes all its members from around the world including government officials and import/export companies to be a part of our site.

-- JDMVip.com Team

Other Information About The JDM Car Market

  • Imported Vehicles from Japan are common around the world, not just the UK (United Kingdom), Australia, but Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Canada Imported Vehicles from Japanese Used Car Auctions. Importing JDM cars from Japan has become very commonplace in Canada.
  • Most cars from Japan are sold through "Japanese Used Car Auction" such as USS Nagoya and other auction houses around Japan from Tokyo to Hokaido.
  • Japanese Cars for Sale are usually originally purchased from auction houses in Japan such as USS or JU.
  • JDM Used Cars are in high demand around the world.
  • Enthusiasts and casual owners import japanese cars
  • JDM Imports are known for their reliability and value
  • You can find JDM cars for sale on jdmvip.com
  • We have lists of Japanese Car Importers & Exporters

Most Popular JDM Cars/Japanese Imports:

  • Nissan Skyline Cars (R32,R33,R34 GTS-T,GTS-4 and GTR)
  • JDM Toyota Supra (MKIII JZA70/MKIV JZA80)
  • JDM Mazda RX7 (FD3S)
  • JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STi,Type RA,STi Type RA (GC8,GDA,GDB)
  • JDM Toyota Celica (ST185 and ST205 GT-Four WRC)
  • JDM Honda CRX, Civic, Accord, Prelude, Integra
  • JDM Toyota Aristo 3.0V/V300 Vertex (same thing as USDM Lexus GS 300+ series)
  • JDM Mitsubishi Delica/Pajero

Hot Regions for JDM Cars

  • Canada: BC (British Columbia), AB (Alberta), SK (Saskatchewan), MB (Manitoba), ON (Ontario), QC (Quebec), NS (Nova Scotia), NB (New Brunswick), NL (Newfoundland and Labrador), PE (Prince Edward Island), NT (Northwest Territories), YT (Yukon), NU (Nunavat).
  • Canadian Cities: Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Markham, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St. John's, Charlotteown, Yellowknife, Iqaluit.
  • Caribbean: Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Africa: South Africa
  • Europe: UK (United Kingdom), London, Ireland, Scotland
  • Australia/New Zealand: Perth, Sydney.

Latest 10 Forum Posts

2002 Toyota Crown Majesta 2002 Toyota Crown Majesta 4.0L V8 - 1UZ engine 89,000 KMs Fully loaded Power windows, seats, ....
GC8 v1 struts The shop says my car should be ready by the end of today, so I'm going to say these are the correct ....
Rhdgc8's 2001 Bugeye STI WRB So how did the uppipe installation go? Lots of cursing and drill and tap? Hopefully not :) I think ....
Kuma's WRX Type RA WRC LTD So, I can't find out where these rear differential bushings are supposed to go because I can't find ....
Car Dyno'd Finally Yesterday Wow congrats and is this on stock ECU/ROM?....
99 Gc8 Externally Gated Up-pipe Are you talking about the EWG or the uppipe? For EWG: Tial For uppipe: Grimmspeed....
FS: Fabulous Emblem, RARE mint condition! Welcome to the forum, please make a introduction. https://jdmvip.com/forum/The_Introduction_Th....
2001 Toyota Celsior - 6900 2001 Toyota Celsior 118,000 KMs Black Leather interior Heated seats Power windows, locks, se....
Exotic Carshow Video Hey guys wife did a quick edit of some video I shot of some non-JDM but exotic and cool rides :cool:....
What happened to IVOAC? I seem to remember it having a lot of relevant info in one spot, oh well I guess it's all still out ....

Latest from the JDM Car Discussion Forums

Latest Posts

2002 Toyota Crown Majesta - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

2002 Toyota Crown Majesta

4.0L V8 - 1UZ engine
89,000 KMs
Fully loaded
Power windows, seats, doors, mirrors, etc
Leather Interior - very, very well maintained
Rear reclining seats
HID Headlights
JDM yellow fog lights
Air Ride Suspension w/ Aftermarket controller - sitting low in the pictures FYI
19" 2-piece aftermarket wheels
Tires are near new - 90% tread
Full Aero kit - front back and sides
Heads Up display - shows speed on the front windshield
Touchscreen and Navigation - will need a North American disk
Dual Climate controls
Tinted Windows

think I got it all covered, if you have any questions just ask

*no, I do not want any trades*


text or call 778-863-7611

Car Dyno'd Finally Yesterday - Subaru -> Impreza



Wow congrats and is this on stock ECU/ROM?

99 Gc8 Externally Gated Up-pipe - Subaru -> Impreza

Does anyone know of a company that makes a bolt on application for a RHD GC8 externally gated up-pipe? rather buy one than try to fabricate one.
Are you talking about the EWG or the uppipe?

For EWG: Tial
For uppipe: Grimmspeed

FS: Rare Zero Sports Exhaust/Downpipe - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

Selling my Zero Sport Jasma catback exhaust and catted downpipe. These are both very rare and are in good condition.
Only reason I am selling is because I upgraded to a 3".
This setup is 2" 3/4
Removed from my Version 7 STI GDB







I will have it all cleaned up for the buyer
If only you had this up when I was buying my exhaust parts! :(

GLWS! I hope someone gives this fine Japanese tail a good home.
Aww shoot!

Thanks, I haven't had much interest, but I am hoping someone will appreciate the rarity and buy it.

FS: Fabulous Emblem, RARE mint condition! - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

Hi guys,

Up for sale is a rare Fabulous Emblem, purchased new from Japan and used only for few months and still in very good condition, still looks new with no scratches or scuffs on the face whatsoever. Since it is used, the adhesive that came with it is not as sticky anymore, so I will provide with brand new strips of 3M tape used for emblems. The emblem measures 3 & 3/8" inches.
The Fabulous emblem is yours for $110 shipped anywhere within the US.

You can reach me by private message.
I am a verified and trustworthy member and seller on S2ki.com with 100% positive feedback. Since this is my first post here, I can't insert a link to my feedback, so if your interested PM me I can link you to my feedback and answer with any questions you have.



Welcome to the forum, please make a introduction.


Very cool item you have for sale

Ecu Swap For Better Tuning - Subaru -> Impreza

Looking for a better tuning option for my 1999 Version 6 STI.

I have seen the Apexi Power FC setups and heard from several tuning sources its a 50/50 shot if it works right or not. I just put in another version 6 motor last week due to the timing jumping, so while it was out I did a few upgrades. Car is getting tuned on Monday 24 July 17 on ECUTEK hopefully the flashes take to my ecu and they don't brick it. I have a spare ecu the ill have on stand by just incase it does. looking for a more reliable tuning solution plus maybe have the capability. I will be hopefully running E85 in a month or so but will be swapping out to bigger injectors.

If you have the money, I'd highly recommend the Haltech ecu for this kind of job.

Another option would be to throw in a USDM ECU in there, adjust all appropriate parts and wiring to the USDM STi, and open source the ECU.

In all honesty, the Haltech PS1000 is a good unit that some of my friends use and it's probably going to the best option for future mapping.

2001 Toyota Celsior - 6900 - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

2001 Toyota Celsior

118,000 KMs

Black Leather interior
Heated seats
Power windows, locks, seats, mirrors, sunroof etc
Touch screen display + Navigation - needs a disk though
Cruise Control
19" Weds Kranze JDM wheels (staggered)
90% tread on tires
Air Ride Suspension - with aftermarket controller (all 4 wheels adjust) - *sitting low in the pictures*
HID Headlights
JDM yellow fog lights
Rear tint
Soft-close doors - door closes itself when half closed
All fluids + timing belt done - however, it could probably use an oil change
I have an oil filter or 2 kicking around, will give it with the car (since I won't need it)



Call or text 778-863-7611

Exotic Carshow Video - Import Discussion -> Videos & Photos Of JDM Cars

Hey guys wife did a quick edit of some video I shot of some non-JDM but exotic and cool rides :cool:



Hope you guys like it and please subscribe and like our growing Youtube channel!

Importing a big 3 conversion van from Japan? - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

Due to cost of insurance and the difficulty of sourcing spare, I have decided to import a GMC or Dodge conversion van from Japan. I saw a 2005 Dodge Ram van with 35.000km for auction! Since the vehicle was made in N.A., is the 15yrs old rule still apply? Has anyone here done it?

2017-07-15 > HAA Kobe > № 80503
2017-07-14 > USS Nagoya > № 20101

I want to learn about cars ! - Import Discussion -> Welcome, Announcements & Suggestions

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and jdm. I recently got into the car world by getting recommended a video by a youtube channel called 'kings must rise' and loved it ever since. I never grew up around anyone who was into cars, and my parents only have auto transmission cars (i live in the us and really want to learn how to drive a manual car). I'm 15, and after watching videos from people like kings must rise, tj hunt, haggard garage, theslaptrain etc. i want to learn more. I've even started watching initial d. My question is, how/where do i start to learn about these cars and their significance ? Thanks :D:D (i also love video games, so are there any pc games worth getting based on cars?)
Welcome to the forums!

1. "I never grew up around anyone who was into cars, and my parents only have auto transmission cars (i live in the us and really want to learn how to drive a manual car)."

A: That's fine. Maybe a bit of a limiter to who you can access in person, but definitely not a deal-breaker. I'd recommend getting into forums/like-minded peers (perhaps at school) who want to learn about cars/know about cars for you to learn. If your school has an auto shop class, then you could access that as well. As for learning to drive a standard, I'd probably wait until you find a friend who's willing to teach you or your first car (assuming standard). I can't say that you can learn standard without ever getting into a standard car so I'd recommend finding access to one first.

2. "I'm 15"

A: I'm not much older than you, but I started learning about cars when I was young. However, I did wait until I got my license to really start getting into it myself. After I got my Subaru, I started going crazy in learning different things on it. Nothing better than owning a car and fiddling with it (to a point... don't go crazy and break the car).

3. "I want to learn more"

A: Very good mindset. Just look through forums/DIY's and you'd be surprised on what you learn by researching the little details you don't understand. This is pretty much how I ended up researching how to operate different tools/their mechanisms. Also, learning more means you can be more independent in repairs on even the minor things. This saves a lot of money, but it does take away time (maximize benefit:cost ratio).

4. "Their significance"

This is probably the most practical definition, but they take us from point A to point B using a petroleum product with terrible efficiency. I'm talking about really poor efficiency. Combustion engines have around a 20% efficiency in converting the chemical energy to mechanical energy (resulting in work).

NOTE: [GasolineCombustion engines are modeled around the air-standard Otto cycle. The cycle uses a set of reversible adiabatic compression-expansion operations with heat addition-removal in between. It assumes perfect conditions, where energy loss does not occur. Similarly, diesel engines are modeled around the air-standard diesel cycle. More efficient than the Otto cycle, but not as much as we'd like.
I was 18 when i got into cars, second car was a turbo starlet ep82 the turbo went on it and after needing a new radiator and manifold the mechanic charged me 400euro after feeling like a got screwed over i went off and bought myself a socket set and went from there, by no means am I a mechanic but i havent brought my car to a garage in years

WTB: Tactrix 2.0 - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Where To Buy

Looking for a used Tactrix 2.0 Openport cable
Cash in hand


What happened to IVOAC? - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

I was looking at a RHD a few years ago and had their site bookmarked, when I finally had money to do it I see the site redirects here. Did IVOAC disband?
I think that site has been gone for quite some time now. Prior to this site and a few others that was always my go to when looking for information on imports and importing. I think it was back in 2008 when I first started looking at that site :)
I seem to remember it having a lot of relevant info in one spot, oh well I guess it's all still out there to find.

Roadtrip from Edmonton to Victoria! Need advice - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

New to the forum but I have had my GC8 for a year now.

I have a 2000 Version 6 STI and i'm finally going for a roadtrip through the mountains and now I need advice. Has anyone done a trip from edmonton to victoria in a jdm?

I'm worried mostly about gas. I've been using Petro 94 with octane booster for about two months now and i have no idea how often i'll be able to use the same gas. I don't wanna be have to change brands too often during the trip.

Also, I'll be taking the car in for inspection to get it ready for the trip in my buddie's shop but im not sure of fluids to replace and stuff. I was thinking of rotating the tires since I havent done it for 14000km. Alignment on it is ok but ive never done a proper one and he'll charge me just 80. Do an oil change check all the fluids and brake pads and minor things.

What else am I missing here to prepare for the trip? I don't wanna end up stranded and its the first time im doing a trip this long in 7 years. Thanks guys.

V3 STI Front End Links? - Subaru -> Impreza

Trying to figure out which end links fit my GC8 chassis?

Looking for which car to order the part for... so I can try and get a set from the local parts shop, instead of ordering online.

Found a ton of conflicting info online, can you guys help please?
For anyone wondering...

Part number should be: Subaru# 20420FA020

~$40 CAD each.

I'll report back Wednesday if I remember and let everyone know if that's the right part.
Thanks for the update!
Just got home, they are indeed the correct part.

any suggestions on who to deal with for importing a motocompo off yja? - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

I;ve been looking at importing a motorcompo fold up scooter off yja. COnsidering the size and you can basically ship them in a smallish box. Curious who can handle this and what kind of fees I would be looking at?

Been looking to get one over here to cruise with my buddies or awhile now.

Us law seems basically the same for old scooters, should be 25 year exempt.

1999 Mitsubishi Evo Vi Gsr $16,500 - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

1999 Mitsubishi Evolution VI. Jdm of course. 118,700km. Timing belt done at 98k, all lubricants done, brembos on all four corners, new rotors with ceramic pads done at the same time as lubricant. Has tein fully adjustable coilovers, cusco 3 way strut bar, high-low cat with jasma 3" exhaust, evo 9 bbs rims, evo 9 maf sensor with crimped bov. Bigger intercooler. Mvid in May and good until 2019. Needs nothing. Registration cost is $238, insurance is $748 a year plpd. In Nova Scotia.

Text msg, call or email.

204 720 3982

It's in amazing condition and needs absolutely nothing.
Asking $16,500

Wow looks like its in great condition... good luck with the sale....
Thank you! nice evo yourself!

OBO price! make some offers :)
Welcome and GLWS it is a very nice looking VI!
Do you have any other JDMs or plans for a new one after this?

Need a referral for an Importer for New West - Import Discussion -> Canada - Importing JDM Cars From Japan

I have an exporter lined up, as I prefer to bid and pay myself. I need someone to handle soil inspection, customs clearance, and transport for RO/RO to New Westminster. Who is recommended? Trustworthy and reasonably priced?

ps looking at Evo 6 and 7 in case you're wondering.
ABC customs he can likely help you out. His name is Bob.

If you haven't already found a EVO to bid on, I know of one already in Canada for sale that is absolutely beautiful.

2000 bh5 legacy front suspension - Subaru -> Legacy

Does anybody know the part numbers for front/rear struts? G.P. highways pounded the crap out of them over winter... i've searched for hrs on end and came up inconclusive..
Have you tried this?


This is where I would start...
Decent. Thanks, bookmarked.
- 20310AE220-oem or 20310AE221 front right 20310AE230-oem or 20310AE231 front left. $581 USD each.

Toyota Estima Requires Keyfob Chip To Start? - Toyota -> Toyota General

I am getting this is the case from this story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/family-loses-keys-abandon-car-1.4154919

In case it happens to our members I looked up some info which may solve this issue if it happens again (SMS'd to the phone number in the news article).

In the worst case you could get a new keyfob from eBay with the chip and then you should be able to use a Techstream cable to program it (there are also some instructions which claim you can use a combination of door locks/open door to possibly program without any ECU tools).

Does anyone have a list of which models require the keyfob/RFID to start?
Shame on Toyota Canada, this looks like a young family who probably cannot afford financially or the stress when Toyota Canada know very well that they do not have to send the vehicle back to Japan and in fact Toyota Canada could obtain the new key and fob for them "if" they wanted to.

Long story short, even if the vehicle is on the moon a new key/fob can be obtained from Japan and it comes with simple instructions on how to program the immobiliser in the fob.

I have brought and sent a few over the years to customers around the world.

GC8 v1 struts - Subaru -> Impreza

Hi all,
I have an old 1993 v1 GC8, it is a great car but the struts are starting to fail. They are leaking and creaking especially creaking in winter over speed bumps.

I don't know much about suspension, what should I be looking at to replace them? Are the stock replacement parts obtainable new? I don't really want to change the ride feel from stock WRX style. If antything the rear end could be lifted an inch or so. It looks like 2001 WRX struts are a direct swap fit, is that correct?

I haven't looked up the parts but would imagine they would be very expensive new and that's IF they are available which I am honestly doubting.

My rears are totally gone you can push the car up and down from the back of the trunk!:eek:

So I'm in the same boat, I am fairly confident suspension from say a 98 Impreza RS would work although like you I wonder will it be as good and stiff?

The best way would be a set of aftermarket shocks and springs or even coilovers that will be my plan. I think some of our members have gone this route too but can't remember the details. With these cars aging I imagine we're not alone my friend.
I've decided the following parts are fitment for Impreza 1993-2001 and will match the OEM:

rear left: KYB-334110
rear right: KYB-334109
front right: KYB-334111
front left: KYB-334112

They go for about $100ea, still searching for rubber bits too, top mounts, spring seats, etc. It's all coming together.
strut mounts:
front: KYB SM5361
rear: KYB SM5243

rubber spring seat lower:
rear: KYB SM5575
If you want the higher performance adjustable struts, the KYB AGX line part numbers are:
Good info I found a similar thread on the Type RA forums with your part#'s: http://www.type-ra.com/subaru-forum/threads/type-ra-v2-v-limited-which-struts-and-springs.26412/

Are you planning on getting new springs or reusing your stock ones?

Also I do believe GDA/GDB struts would work but I am not 100% certain.
Thanks, the numbers I came up with are what's listed at RockAuto. The rear parts match, but the thread you linked to lists a different part for the fronts, KYB 334255 and 334256.

I was planning to reuse the springs, and replace as many rubber parts as I can find, so the mounts and spring seats, etc.
On the plus side, the parts in your thread match the part numbers in this kit:

The 334111/12 are listed as non-abs parts, so I think maybe the 334255/56 are the part with ABS brackets. I don't have ABS so I assume aither will be fine.
Hi all,

I'm just curious to know if these parts did in fact end up fitting the v1 wrx.

I am about to order a set of my own and wanted to make sure before pulling the trigger.

Thanks in advance.
My parts just arrived a few days ago, however I'm working in Alberta so it'll be a couple weeks before I'm back home to have the new struts installed.

Here's a list of what I ended up ordering from Rockauto. These strut parts are without the ABS bracket. If you have ABS the alternate part numbers are posted above. There's also some cheaper strut mounts available than the KYB part, but I went with KYB assuming it is of higher quality for the extra cost.

KYB 334109 - strut
KYB 334110 -strut
KYB 334112 -strut
KYB 334111 -strut
KYB SM5243 (2) - strut mount
KYB SM5361 (2) - strut mount
MOOG K160246 (2) - front upper coil seat
WESTAR ST6946 (2) - front lower coil seat
WESTAR ST6952 (2) - rear lower coil seat
Booked in for next Thursday for all parts above and a new clutch.
The shop says my car should be ready by the end of today, so I'm going to say these are the correct parts. ;)

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