• Nissan Skyline R32,R33,R34 | 1989-2002 | GTR and GTS-T- A JDM Car Legend
    The Nissan Skyline is without a doubt one of the most popular famous and reverred JDM Sports cars inside and outside of Japan.  The Skyline has such a legendary reputation for good reason, the R32 was definitely ahead of its time and Skyline was undoubtedly one of Nissan's pinnacles, even to do this day, continued with the groundbreaking R35 Nissan GTR. Although there is much debate within the Nissan Skyline enthusiast community about which car is the best, most fanatics will tel
  • Currency Conversion - Keeping Track Of How Much JDM Car You Can Buy
    With world markets sliding each day (as of October 17th, 2008), whatever JDM car interests you will likely cost more.We're posting this currency conversion tool so there are no surprises about the true cost of the car you are interested in purchasing.