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Pacific Coast Auto is an exporter of Japanese used vehicles. We provide honest, fast, and reliable service in selecting the right car, having it independently inspected, and getting it to you in an easy manor. We are motivated as car enthusiasts to really stand out and do our best for you. We look forward to serving you.

 Japanese vehicles for export are selected by our qualified purchaser and are presented to you in out 100% English Translated auction sheet. You will feel confident in selecting your car. we then board your vehicle on an ocean liner for shipping to your country.

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The owner is an active in our forums, we're looking forward to hearing customer experiences about this company.

Derek Weldon of Pacific Coast JDM/Auto was removed as a Sponsor from jdmvip after being caught in fraudulent markups for cars purchased by negotiation.  Derek Weldon was given a chance to resolve the fraud issue but broke off contact when confronted.  Derek Weldon has been successfully sued for damages for poor work done in Japan and is also being sued along with his associates for false and defamatory statements against Areeb Yasir/jdmvip.

Pacific Coast Auto Review proof fraud, damages from Areeb Yasir of jdmvip for Derek Weldon in Japan

Pacific Coast Auto's Derek Weldon sued for damages and lost in court to Areeb Yasir from jdmvip

Areeb Yasir asks Derek Weldon of Pacific Coast Auto Exports in Japan to remove false comments about him regarding fraud and other false accusations and issues a Cease & Desist Order

Derek Weldon and his associates ignored the Cease & Desist order so Areeb Yasir's (jdmvip's) legal counsel filed a defamation lawsuit in BC Supreme Court.


Copies of legal documents that Pacific Coast Auto Imports' Derek Weldon and friends have not responded to including Court Judgement against him:


Cease & Desist Order against defamatory and false statements regarding the fraudulent markup (no reply from Derek Weldon).







After ignoring the Cease a Desist a lawsuit was filed (Derek Weldon and other defdendants have evaded service and refuse to respond).



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