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Nikkyo Co. Ltd

Website Link:
Country: JP
Province: NA
Phone: 81-3-3914-8301

Description From Their WebSite:

Nikkyo Co., Ltd.'s administrative office is located in the northern district of Tokyo. Nikkyo's sales staff is made up of sales representatives, parts representatives and shipping & accounting coordinators. All of our staff is fluent in English. We believe that one on one personal relationships is the key to success in our business. This is why each Nikkyo customer is placed with a sales representative which will handle all aspects of business.

Our Comments & Observations:

They seem to be a larger company with a huge facility for storage and service of any vehicles in their possession and according to their values it seems they value and treat their customers well.

We do like that they accept credit card payments.

However, we aren't aware of any experiences with this company.

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