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JapanCarDirect.com (Japan Car Direct)

Website Link: www.japancardirect.com/
Country: JP
Province: Choose
City: Chiba
Address: 2-10-16-2 Tendai Inage Ku Chiba Japan 263-0016
Phone: +81 50 1145 7397

Description From Their WebSite:

Japan Car Direct takes pride in exporting top condition vehicles to our customers in an efficient and professional manner! Here is an outline of the process:

Step 1 Register on our vehicle search engine to see the largest selection of vehicles in Japan. We will activate your login and contact you.

Step 2 Tell us what vehicle you are interested in and the preferences you have for it. We will then provide an estimate to the desired port of delivery.

Step 3 To move forward, send a refundable $500 US deposit (8% for bids over $10,000 US), and we will search daily and translate the auction sheets of the vehicles meeting your requirements.

Step 4 Before deciding to bid or not we have additional professional third party inspections done on all vehicles to confirm they have been well-maintained and are in good overall condition.

Step 5 We will contact you with the inspection report, and bid if it meets your requirements. If you have the highest bid, and it meets the reserve, you will win for only $50 more than the second highest bidder. You can win for less than your maximum bid!

Step 6 After winning, pay the proforma invoice, and your vehicle will be delivered to the nearest port where multiple photos will be taken for your confirmation.

Step 7 We will make a booking on the next ship, send you the necessary documentation, and guide you through the import process.

We thoroughly enjoy the business of exporting cars and nothing satisfies us more than happy customers! Lets start working together today!

Best Regards,
The JCD Team


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