Importing JDM Cars Used Are A Great Value -

Why do so many people import JDM Cars?

This is a question we've had a lot from people who aren't familiar with the JDM scene and the value these cars offer to the average or general motorist.

JDM cars are not just high performance vehicles, they can be fuel efficient trucks, cars and SUVs and no matter how you slice it JDM cars are typically superior in every way to North American cars even if the model was available to our market.

Typically the best features and options were reserved for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) and even worse, some of the best cars ever never officially made it outside of Japan.

Some things typical of  used JDM cars being imported into Canada.

  • They have more features than the North American counterpart and usually more power and performance. (some examples include the Acura Integra and Honda Civic which had more horsepower in their respective years and the Integra even had options TCS (Traction Control System) and this was never available in North America.
  • They have less mileage on average especially compared to used cars in Canada that are 15 years old
  • Their condition is usually far better
  • The cars are often maintained better because of the rigorous shaken exam that road worthy cars must undergo every 2 years
  • And last but not least, typically the cars that were never here will have better engines and higher performance especially compared to what we had available here 15 years ago.
  • For the money, especially for high performance vehicles you will never be able to purchase a car with such low mileage and high performance for the price.
This is just a quick overview about the major incentives and remember that you cannot assume every car is in perfect condition, you need to have the odometer mileage verified and checked for tampering and the car should be fully inspected to avoid getting a lemon.

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