IVOAC - Imported Vehicle Owner's Association of Canada Review -

IVOAC - Imported Vehicle Owner's Association of Canada

Website Link: ivoac.ca

Description From Their WebSite:

The IVOAC (Import Vehicle Owners Association of Canada) is a group of Canadian import owners who are working together on the issue of imported vehicle safety and legality in Canada. Our current focus is on the rumoured changes to import regulations, particularly those which presently allow the import of vehicles 15 years or older that were manufactured for markets outside of Canada.

The main goal of this website is to offer the perspective of an import owner.Forums are available for peer to peer chat, questions, publications and other material. We offer information on right hand drive (RHD) vehicles, provincial inspections processes and a variety of informational documents. Our site and our organization are here to educate the public and advocate for the rights and beliefs of the import community.

Our Comments & Observations:

In our eyes they are the best group in Canada fighting for the right to drive JDM vehicles and they are gaining stronger awareness and momentum each day. We certainly keep in close contact with IVOAC and respect and applaud the work they are doing for Canadians and the JDM community as a whole. Their membership tends to be quite educated, knowledgeable and professional when it comes to anything JDM. They've done much to dispell the myths and rumours regarding imported JDM cars.