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IBC Japan Review & Complaints

Website Link: ibcjapan.co.jp
Country: JP
Province: NA
City: Kyoto
Address: 64 Miyanomae-cho, Nakajima, Fushimi-ku
Phone: (81) 75 622 5091

Description From Their WebSite:


IBC Japan, a member of the Japan External Trade Organization and Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been at the forefront of providing quality used vehicles all over the world since 1988. IBC Japan leads the vehicle export industry in vehicle procurement and management systems online and serves customers in over 80 countries on six continents.

We pride ourselves for providing a variety of services, including the purchasing, sales, export, and distribution of a wide variety of quality used cars and car parts from Japan. Aside from our operations in Japan, we also operate worldwide through our regional sales and service centers.

Our interactive websites let you view full vehicle details and bid on stock held in Japan or in any regional inventory centers as well as allowing you access to vehicles sold daily at over 100 auction houses in Japan processing over 150,000 each week. Sourcing quality used vehicles from all regions in Japan allow you the selection and variety you need at the most competitive prices found anywhere.

Feel free to browse through our site for more information and if you have any questions, contact our customer service center 24/7 via email csc@ibcjapan.co.jp, or call us at (81) 75 622 5091 with any questions or inquiries you might have about our wide variety of online services.

Our Comments & Observations:

If you check out our forums you'll see a lot of negative postings about them and we have experienced ourselves firsthand that IBC Japan is dishonest and is at best deceitful and very difficult to deal with if you have any problems.

Please click the link below to view more about them in our forums.

IBC Japan Complaint Review


The Good

We are unbiased afterall and even given our very negative experiences and opinion of IBC Japan we'll tell you what they do right.

It is nice that they have customer service 24/7 but also unfortunate that many of the people don't seem to know what they're talking about and that it is actually all outsourced to the Philippines.

They have a great and very professional (although often slow loading) web site and system including one that allows a user to view the images of cars, auction sheets and to place a bid with notes and concerns about the car.

They also offer free translations of auction sheets which is great as well.
They will accept credit card payments albeit with extra fees of course.

The Bad

Well there is really not many good things we can say about IBC Japan.  They don't follow their own terms of trade or policies and make things up as they go in their own favour.

For example they've been caught lying to Canadians about RO/RO shipping which is included with the CIF price.  In order to make more money IBC Japan is telling customers the cheap shipping which is included is not available even though this is not the case and other Japanese Used Car Exporters are shipping RO/RO.

They tell their customers that the only option is to pay a total of $3015 USD for shipping!  Initially they will try and make it look like you are just paying $1500 or $2195 extra but when pressed for answers they will admit the total shipping cost.

They have something called OIS "Odometer Inspection Services" which is supposed to be a Japan based company which verifies the mileage of your vehicle.  It turns out this company does not exist and is merely a website and false name setup by IBC Japan to fool their customers.  When confronted about this IBC Japan refused to answer any questions about or provide any contact information which makes sense considering this company does not exist.

Customers have often complained that their cars have not been shipped for a long time, a good example is someone who has waited over 1 year and IBC Japan has not shipped his vehicles or refunded his money.

The only people who have a good experience with IBC Japan are large exporters.

This is really a quick summary but we've found IBC Japan to be the worst and most dishonest exporter we've ever reviewed and even when confronted with their lies they simply begin to ignore e-mails from their customers.

Many people have coined them the "Mafia" of Japanese Used Car Exporters.

To get a better idea about them please visit our Vendor feedback forums and feel free to post your experiences as well:

IBC Japan Complaint Review

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