Feast Auto Export Group Review -

Feast Auto Export Group

Website Link: www.feastautoexport.com/
Country: JP
Province: NA

Description From Their WebSite:

We are a Japan based export company specializing in the exportation of Japanese vehicles, parts and accessories.

If your interested in seeing our vehicle stock list click here. If you're interested in seeing our used and new parts stock, click here.

For those of you who are first time visitors, please feel free to explore our site. We have a large assortment of hand picked vehicles that are ready to be viewed. Also, we have lots of useful information on hand, which will go hand and hand to help you understand the importation process.

A recently developed addition to our site is the all new user garage. This section showcases customer cars which were bought through us. These cars are now located in different parts of the world and we are honored to showcase them to all of you.

Our Comments & Observations:

We've heard a lot of good things about this company and they seem to have a pretty good rep on many popular forums from some respected members.

They seem to understand the needs of the personal importer and they do pre-inspection of auction vehicles and their price of shipping is reasonable.

Be advised that there are some mixed reviews about this company including a few stories where customers have been unhappy about the quality of the "in stock" vehicles sold from this company. Some examples are where this Exporter has stated and assured the customer the car was in a certain and good running condition but the buyer instantly realized the car was not running properly and the exporter sends them parts as a way to make it better. This is admirable but is hard to justify because some cars have arrived in a running condition other than originally described.

There are still of course satisfied customers from this Exporter and we wouldn't worry too much about purchasing a car from auction through this company but would recommend buyers to be very cautious about the condition of any in stock vehicles (as with any Exporter).

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