CAVI (Canadian Association of Vehicle Importers) Review -

CAVI (Canadian Association of Vehicle Importers)

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Description From Their WebSite:

CAVI was formed to ensure that the interests of those involved in supplying the marketplace with products and services outside the scope of major manufacturers is reflected in the laws and regulations covering such activities. All Canadians share an interest in the benefits of a safe, economical and efficient vehicle transportation system. Frequently, however, some of the most effective vehicle solutions of the highest quality products have not originated in North America. CAVI believes that if Canadians are to be faced with world prices for energy while making meaningful contributions towards protecting our global environment, they should be allowed access to vehicle choices from around the world. Furthermore, these goals need not conflict with the need for reasonable levels of public safety regulation.

Our Comments & Observations:

CAVI is another Canadian group that has been working to educate the public about the 15-Year rule for JDM imported cars.
They've been doing their best to get the word out about why JDM Imports are not a danger to the public and that TC has no reason to support the change of the 15-year rule except to ease competition for local car dealerships.