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The inspiration for our community grew since 2004 since the rise of imports of amazing Japanese cars from Japan's domestic market (JDM), most of which were previously unavailable in markets outside Japan.

Examples of why people find jdmvip.com so useful:
  • Researching JDM Cars, Ask Us Anything and We Can Help
  • Car Specifications
  • Reviews of JDM Cars
  • Importing/Exporting Japanese Used Cars
  • Parts and Suggestions
  • Engine Information
  • Car Maintenance
  • Common and Problems and Solutions for
In that time there have been many different websites, communities and of course companies formed to serve the JDM Import Car enthusiast community.  Unfortunately since this is the automotive industry, there are a lot of underhanded and dishonest things that do go on when it comes to JDM Cars.

Most concerning of all are communities sponsored by different JDM import companies that ensure negative opinions and information cannot be circulated about their dealings, many hiding under the guise of being an enthusiast site and trying to claim they are unbiased.  There are certainly many great communities and importers to serve the needs of the import community but there are perhaps just as many that are waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting JDM Japanese Used car buyers.

Unlike many other communities and sites, we have absolutely no involvement or ties to anyone in this industry.  We are individuals who want to get the most out of Japan's finest offerings of JDM Cars and help others do the same.

This site was created first and foremost with the consumer in mind. Our goal is to provide real exciting, unbiased and factual information about the excellent variety of JDM cars available for import.

We hope you enjoy our growing community and the wealth of information it will continue to be for as long as the JDM scene is alive.

If you have any questions about JDM cars visit our Japanese Import Car forums by clicking here.

We'd also like to remind everyone that JDMVip.com welcomes all its members from around the world including government officials and import/export companies to be a part of our site.

-- JDMVip.com Team

Other Information About The JDM Car Market

  • Imported Vehicles from Japan are common around the world, not just the UK (United Kingdom), Australia, but Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Canada Imported Vehicles from Japanese Used Car Auctions. Importing JDM cars from Japan has become very commonplace in Canada.
  • Most cars from Japan are sold through "Japanese Used Car Auction" such as USS Nagoya and other auction houses around Japan from Tokyo to Hokaido.
  • Japanese Cars for Sale are usually originally purchased from auction houses in Japan such as USS or JU.
  • JDM Used Cars are in high demand around the world.
  • Enthusiasts and casual owners import japanese cars
  • JDM Imports are known for their reliability and value
  • You can find JDM cars for sale on jdmvip.com
  • We have lists of Japanese Car Importers & Exporters

Most Popular JDM Cars/Japanese Imports:

  • Nissan Skyline Cars (R32,R33,R34 GTS-T,GTS-4 and GTR)
  • JDM Toyota Supra (MKIII JZA70/MKIV JZA80)
  • JDM Mazda RX7 (FD3S)
  • JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STi,Type RA,STi Type RA (GC8,GDA,GDB)
  • JDM Toyota Celica (ST185 and ST205 GT-Four WRC)
  • JDM Honda CRX, Civic, Accord, Prelude, Integra
  • JDM Toyota Aristo 3.0V/V300 Vertex (same thing as USDM Lexus GS 300+ series)
  • JDM Mitsubishi Delica/Pajero

Hot Regions for JDM Cars

  • Canada: BC (British Columbia), AB (Alberta), SK (Saskatchewan), MB (Manitoba), ON (Ontario), QC (Quebec), NS (Nova Scotia), NB (New Brunswick), NL (Newfoundland and Labrador), PE (Prince Edward Island), NT (Northwest Territories), YT (Yukon), NU (Nunavat).
  • Canadian Cities: Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Markham, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St. John's, Charlotteown, Yellowknife, Iqaluit.
  • Caribbean: Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Africa: South Africa
  • Europe: UK (United Kingdom), London, Ireland, Scotland
  • Australia/New Zealand: Perth, Sydney.

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B-Pro Auto JDM Import Review - Import Discussion -> Vendor & Exporter Feedback

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="6"][FONT="Arial"][CENTER]B-Pro Auto Review[/CENTER][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I started looking into purchasing and importing a Japanese vehicle a few months ago; which started with me researching the myriad vehicles available for importation into Canada. Unsurprisingly, the Mitsubishi Evo's, Subaru STi's, and Nissan Skylines immediately caught my attention and did not cease to amaze. As the idea of importing became more and more of a realistic option, I decided that I would get a Mitsubishi Evo V.

From then on, I researched into different methods of importing, with the end goal of having the vehicle registered and insured in Alberta. I quickly narrowed down a list of exporters and importers that I believe are honest, trustworthy, friendly, and well worth the premium cost. One of which is Brian from B-Pro Auto...

I started my communications with Brian a couple months ago which regarded a Mitsubishi Evo VI, which was then written off my list of possible vehicles due to my strict aesthetic requirements. To my surprise, Brian e-mailed me regarding a black Mitsubishi Evolution V that he had just purchased from auctions. Within 24 hours, I had sent my deposit to reserve the vehicle. Within 3 days, I had sent the rest of the vehicle's cost + shipping into Canada.

As a prospective customer and now as a paid customer, Brian communicated to me with equal respect, friendliness, and professionalism. Within the next 2 weeks, my vehicle was sent via RO/RO and arrived into Canadian borders after 2 weeks. During that time, I contacted Brian numerous times for updates and questions... He did not only answer me in a timely manner but responded with more details than I had hoped for.

After my vehicle had arrived, I called Brian ~5 times to inform him of my then-current situations and also to ask him some questions that I had on the customs procedure. In the end, I had decided to pick up the vehicle at the port of Vancouver (Annacis Island Auto Terminal). Within 12 hours, everything was scheduled and I was set to pick it up. Within 48 hours, I had picked up the vehicle and had already drove it back home to Alberta.

Everything was done. Yet... Brian called me to ask me how the vehicle was, how I liked it, if I already got home, and if everything went according to plan. My first thought: This is unexpected. Most do not follow up after everything is done but Brian does; which is not only a reminder of how great of a service he provides but also shows me that he goes beyond the normal society-accepted expectancy of service.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Quality of Service (9/10):[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Mentioned in the background, Brian goes beyond the normal amount of service. He is a prime example of how to provide service to prospective and paying customers.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Quality of Communication (9/10):[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Brian communicates in an exceptional manner. He is professional, friendly, and honest with all his responses. At first, I was skeptical (being a first time importer and what-not) but all skepticism has been erased now that everything is set and done.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Quality of Vehicle (9/10):[/SIZE][/COLOR]
For such an old vehicle, it is in amazing shape. It runs and performs perfectly with just a tiny vibrating noise under the passenger-side seat. After closer inspection, it was just a bolt that was shaking a bit too much, which was an easy fix. Other than that, I cannot say that there was anything else wrong with the vehicle.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Convenience and ease of use (8/10):[/SIZE][/COLOR]
B-Pro Auto's service definitely makes importing a vehicle convenient, especially with the cost and availability of vehicles (within B-Pro Auto's lot and also the auctions). As can be inferred from the above reading, the ease of use by going through B-Pro Auto is unmatched. It was so easy to figure out which car to choose, when it would arrive, what method I would use to get it home, and how to get it registered and it all came down to using Brian's service.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Cost (10/10):[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Cheapest importer in Canada, mark ups are non-existent, and the cost of the car itself was so cheap that I would never have found such a great vehicle for a similar price with any other exporter, importer, or dealership (based in Canada).



[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Would I use B-Pro Auto again?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Simply put, definitely.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Did I like my vehicle?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Yes, and I still do.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Was it difficult or confusing to import a vehicle from Japan?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
No, definitely not with B-Pro Auto's help and advice.

[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]Was it worth it?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Yes, it definitely was. I am not only satisfied with the vehicle I got, I also know that I would never have found a similar vehicle (with a similar price) anywhere in Canada.

[COLOR="Teal"]If you have a specific question regarding my experience with B-Pro Auto and its service, please post on the thread.[/COLOR]
This is a solid review! Thanks for taking the time to do so...

Risk Free import brokerage - Sponsors -> JDM Connection

At JDM Connection we’re committed to satisfy the interests of all buyers and are offering a “risk free” brokerage import service as of September 1st, 2014. We understand that there’s some types of buyers out there that want a completely risk free experience and we’re dedicated to satisfy everyone’s needs wanting to import a vehicle from Japan.

To simplify this as much as possible, this is only a service available to Alberta buyers and a flat rate of an extra $2000.00 per vehicle. This fee includes the following:

- Us paying for the shipping from BC port to Edmonton
- Us picking the car up in Edmonton and transporting to our service centre
- Us getting all Alberta registries papers together for the out of province inspection
- Us installing compliance items such as daytime running light, etc.
- Us completing the out of province inspection and incurring all related costs to pass, Replacement of tires if worn, address any mechanical problems, etc.
- Us updating your car to an active Alberta vehicle so you can register it like any other
- 14 days free storage at our indoor / insured location in west Edmonton

Basically a “hands free” transaction and no time out of your schedule. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll never exceed the max price that’s set. This is available to any of our Japan inventory, in transit vehicles, and also auction vehicles.

Payment is 50% down and 50% upon taking possession of the vehicle.

Our normal service and purchase to order for $999.00 still remains how it has always operated and nothing has changed with this. This new service is just for those who are new to the market and / or 100% need the legal assurance of having a hands off transaction with an exact figure.

I have made a nice sized parts inventory, set up a service centre in Edmonton now, and hired some new employees so this can all be done as quickly and cost effectively as possible for the end buyer.

For people from outside Alberta, we can also offer all of the above, minus provincial licensing for your province. If you want to ship your car to us, we can arrange compliance and service / repairs and even airport pick up. Rates will vary depending on province, car, etc. You can even bring your car to us if you have imported elsewhere or direct from an exporter. Please contact for further details.

If anyone has questions or comments, feel free to ask.
Can a moderator sticky this thread also ? I don't have the option from my admin side.
Nice job William. Good to see this sort of service offered.

My Be Forward Horror Story, Any Others? - Import Discussion -> Vendor & Exporter Feedback


Be Forward has quickly garnered widespread praise in many African used car markets. Have you or your organization/company considered using their services? Perhaps, you want to use them to get a car for someone you love. Well, sit tight, read on and see if you will have the courage to try them or not.

Am sure you agree that any used car buyer is usually not a very demanding customer. He or she is well aware that some degree of wear and dysfunction is to be expected on the car they seek to buy. But all that said, no one wants to buy used car junk. After all, you want a car not junk. And everyone wants to deal with a used car not "used junk" dealer!

Basic courtesy dictates that the word "used" when "parked" infront of "car" should be synonymous with a "reasonable, drivable condition" of the car. Buyers will quickly shun any seller reputed to sell junk used cars. In other words, honesty and integrity are indispensable "tools of trade" for the seller.

In cases where a mistake is made and a customer is sold a sorely defective product, a used car dealer of integrity will speedily compensate the unwitting buyer monetarily or with a replacement unit. That is simply basic, ABC customer care and customer retention skills.

And here is where my recent, used car buying experience with Be Forward comes into the picture. I hope other potential buyers in Africa, and all over the world, will learn from my "sorrows".

On the whole Be Forward gets many things right. Yet, it gets it so wrong where it matters the most. In this near proverbial tale, it is a little poison in food which kills the unsuspecting eater as I will explain shortly.

Be Forward scores highly on the following:
1. Communication before you pay and before they load your car on the ship expect to get a reply to any query in 6-12 hrs. You will deal with one person - like your assistant - through the entire cycle of exchanges;
2. Systems: they have standard operating procedures for buying cars coupled with pre and post purchase online tracking before loading the car on the ship and sending of your original, car documents via DHL;
3. A huge stock of cars to choose from (more than 10,000); and
4. Car delivery options including one wherevthey can bring the car to your city at one pre-paid flat fee right at the point of purchase.

In my considered opinion and basing on their duplicitous dealings with me, Be Forward scores very poorly on the following yet this is where it matters the most to customer satisfaction and retention. I found myself gasping, "how can a business get it so wrong?"

Think carefully about these:

1. Photo details on stocked units.

In my case they tactfully took pictures of the car that did not reveal any damage to the headliner yet it was damaged; their pictures of an open bonnet veiled the fact that its latch could not open on arrival from the ship and in storage at the bond; they took pictures of the antenna mast raised yet it was in actuality dysfunctional and stuck when the car was offloaded from the ship and when it was in the bond; they presented the car as having all its carpets in place yet they were missing. Before all this I had anticipated and tried to avoid this situation by asking for more photos.

Here is where I warn the unsuspecting buyer buoyed by the numerous praises and referrals about Be Forward. When you insist on higher resolution images of a car you are interested in they will tell you they have so many cars in the yard no more pictures can be obtained. They will add, "the car is truly great, a marvel, you will love it." Do not be as sloppy as I was.

Insist on more pictures and even after they send you the auction sheet (a used car assessment score card used by car buyers and sellers in Japan), find someone who reads Japanese to help you translate it so that you may take note of defects they are unwilling to disclose. Although they are very popular with many Ugandans because of their low per unit car prices, do not skip this step. They are human; they can lie and of that I can testify.

2. Compensation

Now, to my fellow African, if Be Forward offers a service of delivering cars to your Capital City, they will most probably have a "local office" in your country which they will hint at as assurance of a secure place for your redress in case of any misunderstanding. They will also claim to have a compensation "guarantee" should your car arrive damaged, ahem............

In my case, of Uganda, indeed I can confirm that there is a designated building plastered with their company symbols and there is a space therein occupied by individuals who claim to act for Be Forward Japan. However, do not be duped that the "local office" is really an office in the sense you know the term. In reality, they are just a rubber stamp agency who wear Be Forward t shirts and put the company stickers on their walls to "boost" your confidence. I know this sounds harsh but read on, please.

The truth, as I was disheartened to discover, is that all decisions regarding your compensation or some similar eventuality will be made in Japan. The local "office" will not give you a single dollar until they are sure of recovering it from Japan. In fact, the so called Be Forward office in Uganda is really a car bond that has a priority partnership to store their imported car units meant for delivery to Kampala. The bond are just agents who provide some kind of liaison in return for the assured income from bond fees accruing from the car storage for units meant for the aforementioned delivery arrangement (granted they could have other arrangements neither I nor any others know abour). But where the rubber meets the dirt, they (the so-called local office) can never take from their own pockets to compensate you. They have to be assured of a "refund" from Japan, first. Does that sound like an office or branch or subsidiary to you? Not to me... More like an agent.

And that is how my ten day episodic, fruitless and winding "traumatic" search for compensation unfolded. At first, they (Be Forward Japan) will pretend there is no problem with your car. If you are a stickler like me you will insist on obtaining inspection sheets of your car unit produced by their local country agency. You will attach them to your written complaints. Note: in order to "guarantee" the condition of your car, Be Forward mandates their local agents (in Kampala and Mombasa) to run and document a check list of what is on or not on your car when it arrives and this is what is called a "tally inspection sheet". I sent Be Forward my sheets and the defective parts were rightfully tallied and thereon "black-listed".

After my repeated, candid, no-words-minced protestations of 7 emails, I began to get responses from Be Forward. I was replied to by three different people, in sequence, at different moments. Each time someone would start communication then cut if off then another would come in as if they had no knowledge of the problem yet I had sent it to an email accessible to them all i.e. [email]top@befprward.jp[/email]. This is the same email you will always use when prospecting and negotiating the purchase of a car from them.

The Uganda local "office's" hands seemed to be tied as I inundated them with my desperate pleas for compensation. They explained, "we cannot do anything until Japan says so and sends the money." They understood my plight, saw the car's defects and wanted to help but...

Eventually, the agency advised me to email the supervisor in charge of compensation in Japan. With raised hopes we (the agency and I) wrote about the issue to him. Nothing came of it. By now, a total of more than 12 emails had been written in 5 days. Meanwhile, bond storage fees were fast approaching on an untenable, upward trajectory. What would you do if you were me?

Perhaps, you would fight on but when dealing with an elusive, shifty international seller thousands of miles away you need to know when to cut your losses and run.

Important: do not be hoodwinked by claims of the seller. Even if they purport to have a local office, that does not count. In reality this "office" is just a rubber-stamping agency who have sufficient legal leverage to distance themselves from your troubles (note: they are not a subsidiary of Be Forward).

So, I went ahead and commenced the procedures to get the car out of the bond. Guess what, it was, at long last, after I sent one last, clutching-at-straws email informing them of this development that they wrote to me acknowledging that indeed they had determined that the car was defective as shown in their agents' tally sheets but they would only compensate me against a future purchase (I can share a copy of their email on request)! I found that completely dishonest, opportunistic and duplicitoua. Why wait for that moment whem am leaving the bond? Is this the kind of company you can trust to keep their word?

What are you going to do you may ask me?
I say, "am counting my losses; time to find another seller for my next purchase." But I also need to forewarn other potential victims!

Perhaps you will hear raving praises from someone about Be Forward. I am here to warn you, they can have extremely inept customer service, selfish and money-minded-take-all-from-the-customer attitudes when things go south.

This is a risk and, in my case, a loss you need to be prepared for and approach circumspectly. I have not been compensated at all in anyway. No compromise to meet part of the repair costs, nothing!

I have proof of all this I have said and anyone who desires to have a look can ask me for it; I can send it to you. I can even prepare a timeline for you showing the to-ing and fro-ing that was rather badly one-sided (as in me emailing Be Forward endlessly). In the meantine, you can see the attached example photos of the damage I sought compensation for.

To me Be Forward Japan is indeed Be Backwards Japan. A poisoned chalice, a dishonesty in the same old dubious used car dealer (or used junk?) vein. Take the usual measures to prepare for disappointment as may be regularly expected of much smaller Japanese car sellers!!

I hope others who have suffered can document their woes and create some awareness...


Bringing car over from Vancouver to Edmonton - Import Discussion -> Canada - Importing JDM Cars From Japan

I was planning on picking up my car from Vancouver but school is starting in a few days and I don't think it'll be cleared by then.

I called Livingston and they quoted me around 650$ to bring the car over. Do you guys know of any cheaper companies?

And do any companies offer insurance? I'm afraid of railroad damage. Livingston said they don't cover body damage on "classic cars".
[QUOTE=Snowbreeze;86541]I was planning on picking up my car from Vancouver but school is starting in a few days and I don't think it'll be cleared by then.

I called Livingston and they quoted me around 650$ to bring the car over. Do you guys know of any cheaper companies?

And do any companies offer insurance? I'm afraid of railroad damage. Livingston said they don't cover body damage on "classic cars".[/QUOTE]

I am pretty sure that Livingston is a reliable company. I don't think there is a company that can do it for substantially less. When I asked regarding prices, they were mostly the same throughout.

Does U of A start after this long weekend or the week after?
[QUOTE=Shoxie;86543]I am pretty sure that Livingston is a reliable company. I don't think there is a company that can do it for substantially less. When I asked regarding prices, they were mostly the same throughout.

Does U of A start after this long weekend or the week after?[/QUOTE]

Oh ok, not sure i'm not going to the u of a but I start after this weekend.

I also just found out canada post didn't deliver my steamship release form because they couldn't find the address. They are gonna try again before Friday but no guarantees.
[QUOTE=Snowbreeze;86546]Oh ok, not sure i'm not going to the u of a but I start after this weekend.

I also just found out canada post didn't deliver my steamship release form because they couldn't find the address. They are gonna try again before Friday but no guarantees.[/QUOTE]

Customs has been slow anyways so it would have probably still cleared next week.
Somehow when I was researching how to import a car by yourself I missed the fact you have to go in person to pass customs lol. According to WWL you have to go to the office in BC to complete the customs documents and can't simply go to the Edmonton location. What company do you guys recommend I use to get this done?
Who are you importing through? I dont know a answer to your questions and if you get short on time i would call Brian at B-pro or William at JDMConnection, i am sure either one of them have a answer and will be happy to help.
[QUOTE=CautionJDM;86559]Who are you importing through? I dont know a answer to your questions and if you get short on time i would call Brian at B-pro or William at JDMConnection, i am sure either one of them have a answer and will be happy to help.[/QUOTE]

I'm importing it myself, I bought the car from a dealer in Japan.
contact a customs broker.
Al Thompson (alt@thompsonlogistics.com)

you can only do customs paperwork at the Vancouver/Burnaby offices.

the walk through should have mentioned that.

Toyota Supra Aristo Lexus Adjustable Coilovers Jdm Coilovers - Toyota -> Supra

Coilovers Available for the following cars with different models!


[COLOR="Blue"]For more information contact us at



WWL Aug 25, 2014 - Import Discussion -> Videos & Photos Of JDM Cars

Just incase someone has something waiting took a few pics.
Saved the best for last.....
I'll be there tomorrow to pick up my vehicle. That GTR is sexy though.

Did you happen to see any EVOs there?
I didn't see any Evos, they were bringing out some cars while we were there.
See a silver Altezza there? If anyone wants to take some pictures of it that would be awesome.
[QUOTE=CanSTi;86533]I didn't see any Evos, they were bringing out some cars while we were there.[/QUOTE]

Oh, my vehicle was unloaded last week, so it wouldn't have been going out of a ship earlier today.

I will try to get some snaps of a few vehicles if I don't get into too much trouble from the terminal guy.
Trying to figure out which ones are mine... The White Soarer and blue GC8 for sure.
[QUOTE=Shoxie;86536]Oh, my vehicle was unloaded last week, so it wouldn't have been going out of a ship earlier today.

I will try to get some snaps of a few vehicles if I don't get into too much trouble from the terminal guy.[/QUOTE]

Can you please take a picture if you see a dark blue 97 sti 555 with gold rally rims.:)
[QUOTE=William;86537]Trying to figure out which ones are mine... The White Soarer and blue GC8 for sure.[/QUOTE]
The STi had some very nice wheels on it. That Soarer was in nice shape to, love the widebody kit.
[QUOTE=Snowbreeze;86540]Can you please take a picture if you see a dark blue 97 sti 555 with gold rally rims.:)[/QUOTE]

I'll look around for it and hopefully I can find it. Do you have some auction photos or something that so I can kind of know what I am looking for?
[QUOTE=Shoxie;86544]I'll look around for it and hopefully I can find it. Do you have some auction photos or something that so I can kind of know what I am looking for?[/QUOTE]
Ya, thanks!
[QUOTE=Snowbreeze;86545]Ya, thanks!

Alright, I'll look for it tomorrow and if I don't get into too much trouble, I'll take some pictures.
Take a look for this thing too if you have the time and don't get in trouble.
[QUOTE=dyckyj;86550]Take a look for this thing too if you have the time and don't get in trouble.

Sure thing! Hopefully I can find at least one of them.
I couldn't find your vehicles, and I ran around the lot when nobody was watching.

I didn't go into the restricted lot though, only the one that was open.
[QUOTE=Shoxie;86552]I couldn't find your vehicles, and I ran around the lot when nobody was watching.

I didn't go into the restricted lot though, only the one that was open.[/QUOTE]

Ok, thanks for trying though! Do you know if the ones in the open lot the ones that cleared customs?
Ya I believe that is the case. It makes sense as my car just cleared customs this afternoon. Thanks for taking a look though!

From Japan to Canada (Ontario) Step by step - Import Discussion -> Canada - Importing JDM Cars From Japan

Hello there

I wan't to import my first car (Toyota Aristo V300 1999). I'm reading the forum and lots of You explaining what to do when you waiting your car and papers (which is helpfully), but no one says how to buy.

I found lots of auctions and know how to place a bid. But what happen next when i won? What happen with the car? Who will deliver it to the boat/ship? Auction people doing it or i need to look someone for that?

And couple of other questions:
1. Which auctions is better to choose?
2. How much for shipping (japan - ontario)? Approximately?
3. Which extra fees to expect (beside car price and shipping)?

thank you
1. In terms of which auction houses to choose from, just don't purchase from the "rust belt" of Japan and USS-R ones. Other than that, you have to research the vehicle you want, get a translated copy of the auction sheet (if you cannot read Japanese), and have a bit of luck.

2. Shipping from Japan to Canada should be standard. Look into which one will be cheaper; containers are usually the way for larger vehicles while RORO will be cheaper for smaller ones. I would definitely get insurance regardless of method of transportation.

3. Extra fees are abundant. They will pop up from nowhere, and you may have more or less than others. Taxes and customs will be the most expensive (in most cases) while repairs to pass OPI/OOP can either be the most or least expensive. There are also minor payments such as servicing costs, registration, OOP/OPI inspection, compliance, and etc. Honestly, in terms of extra fees, nobody can tell until you've finally gotten it on the road insured and registered.

So from the auction house, you had an exporter bid for you... Let's say you've won your vehicle of choice, now you can relay to the exporter that you want it sent to the port for intercontinental transportation. They will do most of the work for you, while you just need to sign papers, give the money, and wait for everything to come together.

If you aren't too sure about it, you should think about hiring an exporter like Mark (Brave Auto) to get the vehicle into Canadian borders. It is a bit more expensive but it is very much worth it in many cases. You don't have to waste time researching things that he has probably been engraved into his brain.

If you want a full service (someone to take care of the paperwork and the things that come along with it), get someone like Brian @ B-Pro or William @ JDMConnection to help you along. This is usually the most expensive route, but it is liked by many due to the amount of stress and time being drastically reduced. I know that Brian and William are both amazing guys that will supply you will amazing cars and do pretty much everything for you regarding the vehicle.

My recommendation:
If you want to use an exporter only: Mark @ Brave Auto
If you want to use an importer: Brian @ B-Pro or William @ JDMConnection

Personal experience: I got my car imported by Brian and he is a great guy that is very helpful. He'd text or answer my calls late at night and answered my questions with more information than what I had asked for. There was only one time that he could not answer within 36 hours but that was due to him being in a no cell reception area which his reason for being in such an area was definitely understandable (family). Even until now, as I am getting ready to pick up my vehicle, he is still there to help me along (just in case; fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly) and he will be willing to help even after I've gotten the car.

In terms of experiences with Mark, ask anyone on JDMVIP and almost everyone (if not everyone) will say that Mark is an outstanding individual that runs an amazing exporting service. Friendly and honest staff paired with quality vehicles and service is pretty much unbeatable in the exporting business.

Dot headlight year and fitment - Subaru -> Forester

Hey Guys,

I just recently purchased a 97 s/tb which is on route but am hoping some one may be able to help with headlight compatibility. I see three different part numbers for DOT lights. Doing some reading I am getting conflicting answers some say it is just color differences not mounting holes. Anyone have any experience with using any of the forester headlights on a 97?

I get these part numbers off rock auto so they are different
98-98 SU2503112 /SU2502112
99-00 20645990/ 20646090
01-02 20646200/ 20646100

any 97-00 (pre-facelift) forester headlights will fit. the USDM headlights wont have the socket for the city lights.
Thanks b-yap!

ej20g mac boost solenoid - Subaru -> Impreza

Hi guys. I am trying to install a mac boost solenoid instead of the factory piece to tune my car with my new enduring solutions ecu that i purchased. I've wired up the mac solenoid to the factory connector, and checked that the resistance (30 ohms) matches between the mac valve and the factory BCS. Yet still i get code 44 after running the car for a few minutes. What can I do to use this MAC valve without tripping the code 44? Car is a swapped impreza with a 93 closed deck ej20g wrx motor. Thanks!

valve for reference:

35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA MAC solenoid

F/S Kenwood DNN991....$600/ Alpine X009 GM.....$1200/Pioneer 8000NEX ....$600 - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

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Alpine INE W957E 7 DVD CD USB Bluetooth Advanced Navi Station...$1000
Alpine INE W987D 7 Double Din One Look Navi Bluetooth System .....$1000
Alpine INE Z928Ei 8 DVD CD USB Bluetooth Advanced Navi Station...$1300
Alpine X008AU 8 DVD CD USB Bluetooth Advanced Navi Station.....$1300
Alpine INE W947Ei 7 DVD CD USB Bluetooth Advanced Navi Station with Direct Reverse Camera..$1200
Alpine X008U Navigation receiver with 8 screen....$800
Alpine INE W957HD Navigation receiver....$700
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Alpine Toyota BIX Premium Navigation 10 inch For Japan

Alpine EX1000-VE Navigation....$1000
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front brake pads confirmed fitment bh5 - Subaru -> Legacy

Hey guys just thought I would let ya know 2002 impreza wrx front pads are a direct fit. I bought hawk hps pads from lordco. They had them in stock. My car is a 1999 bh5 gt wagon.
that's good to know..... let me know if you ever do the rears or what Subaru they come off of, thanks.
1998 Forester also works for the front and for GTV ( not sure about GTB)
2000 Forester front brake pads + 2003 Forester front brake rotors are confirmed as well to be direct fit for BH5 GTB
Anyone know rear rotors/pads for a BH5 GTV ?

Looks exactly the same as a 1998-1999 forester to me.

Fitting a sti hood scoop on bh5 - Subaru -> Legacy

What do you guys think?
i think it would look odd

http ://


take out the spaces, i need it since i dont have 10 post yet
I've seen that BE before... That is by far the sexiest Gen 3 Legacy I have ever seen... So simple and clean... I've got this thing with burgundy :p I think the hood scoop goes well with [I]that[/I] car, I think it mainly has to do with all the other little things, such as mud flaps, trunk and roof spoilers, just the styling of the vehicle. I feel like a scoop like that could look off if the rest of the car doesn't flow with it, you know? Although I think it would be highly functional! More so that the normal BE/BH hood scoop.

I have a BD Legacy and think the TMIC would benefit from a larger/taller/better hood scoop to direct that much more cooler air onto it. What options do we have for the Legacy's?

From what I've read, the only route is to custom cut/fit a larger scoop into the hood, or start from a N/A hood and cut into that, sort of a non-reversible mod...
And to help you out with the image bgalway;


Damn sexy if you ask me.

Cars available 2015 - Import Discussion -> Japan Car Export/Auction Discussion

Hey just wanted to check if anyone has there eye on any cars available over the winter or spring that become eligable to enter canada. Weather it be a desirable special edition,refresh, or something new
yes i want a V7 sti.

1997 STi V3, running and idling rough, chugging fuel - Subaru -> Impreza

Hey there. So last year I bought my first JDM car, a 1997 STi V3, and I've run into the first problem I've been unable to fix, or really even properly diagnose.

The engine starts up right away, but immediately runs rough. Lots of vibration, slightly variable RPM. When it's warmed up, engine idle can drop quite low, but even still only somewhat variable RPM, from ~300 to ~800.

When I am driving, and this doesn't matter what gear I'm in, how fast I'm going, I have serious power issues. Engines shakes hard when trying to accelerate, especially up hills or just quickly on the level. Less so if keeping in a lower gear than would otherwise be necessary. When running higher RPMs, such as about 5500 in 2nd gear, I hit an abrupt wall where the engine will not accelerate anymore, and makes a loud, low-pitched whooshing sound.

I have very high fuel consumption, and rich exhaust.

I have no CEL, and there were no codes stored in the ECU when I manually checked.

So, here's what I've done.

I figure this has to be some sort of air/fuel problem, googled around a bit, see that some people have fixed this with a different coil pack or spark plugs. so I swapped all those out. Old plugs were a bit sooty. No change in symptoms.

Some more googling, maybe a MAF sensor issue. Take it out, everything looks clean. Pulled the top off of it and resoldered the connections, which did indeed seem flimsy, as per a thread on here which I cannot link to.

No change, but I did get a CEL to come on when I was messing around with it. Doesn't come on, anymore. Car does stall out when unplugging MAF while running.

Swapped out the O2 sensor and knock sensor, again no change.

I did get a mechanic to look at it, but he had no scanner for the JDM computer, so didn't do much. He did check for a vacuum leak, though, and said he found none. This was just a spray test, not a proper vacuum leak test.

So, I'm at a loss for what to try, next. I head into camp next week, and when I come out in a few weeks I have an appointment at a place with a JDM scanner, 350km away from where I live. Anything I should try in the meantime? Any tests I can do to help a diagnosis?

Thanks for reading.

Ontario RHD registration issues - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

Trying to get my evo 6 regged in Ontario and it isn't going too well. One mto said I need a letter from the mits dealer certifying the vehicle model as the Export certificate does not say "Lancerv/ Evolution / 6" . Is this true ? What have some of you guys done ?

I tried calling couple of dealers here but they wouldn't issue it and ask to call Mits Canada. They asked me to call Mits Japan... etc.

any help appreciated.
I have no idea how it works in Ontario but here in NS it differs from one person you deal with to the next at the registry.

Hopefully you get more help from other members than what I can provide, but doesn't the chassis code help them a little?
Rygar, that goes without saying. They make up their own rules on the fly, at will.
I've never heard of the dealership themselves needing to claim that the vehicle is an Evo 6. I believe that the BoS or deregistration documents of the vehicle should be way more than enough. Why can't you just try another person?
unfortunately the model # listed in the export doc is some random set of digits. Nowhere on the export certificate does it say Lancer or Evo or Evolution or 6. also apparently they need the manufacture date, not the registration date on the exp cft.
What about a pic of the plate in the engine bay with the chassis and (presumably) manufacture date?
Do you have the registration cancellation doc from Japan? That has the chassis code on it as the model number. I don't think it has the manufacture date on it though..
Ya I don't think your registration will say "evo 6" the chassis code is I think cp9a
[QUOTE=steveo1115;86493]Ya I don't think your registration will say "evo 6" the chassis code is I think cp9a[/QUOTE]

Yea the chassis code is indeed CP9A.

My insurance doesn't even say it's an Evo.
your insurance should class it as a lancer, as we never had evo's back then, so it probably isnt in their system
Yep, that's exactly how they did it.
hey guys,I am having issues with registration, not insurance. Also this is in Ontario.... totally different rules compared to other provinces.
Yes we know, just got sidetracked.

As for the rules, it still varies from one person you deal with to the next. Most of them are unsure of RHD rules and when in doubt, say no.

Have you asked the seller about any additional paperwork?

gc8 ej207 massive part out, suspension, cf, vf37, gauges, rim tire etc - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

Part out or take the whole thing for 15000. Suspension/tire setup 100% sorted out just needs the motor fixed. Quoted 3500 for rebuild or you can buy new motor for 3500-4000 and swap.
Will only sell the parts after I find the buyer for motor & trans due to limited space in my garage

Low compression due to meth pump failure, motor still ran well when parked, compression test showed 90psi on cylinder 2 and 132-135 on the other 3.
Oldest aftermarket parts on this car are 1 year old, most everything has 2-3k kms on it or lot less.

V9 ej207 67k kms, all gaskets, spark plugs replaced when motor went in 2k kms ago.
Gates racing timing belt water pump, grimmspeed phenolic spacers, intake manifold, throttle body, all accessories and 560cc injectors - 1800$

Vf37 twin scroll turbo with manifold and tomei twin scroll catless downpipe (extended to usdm length by racing greed) and turbo blanket - 1500$

Hallman mbc - 80$

Snow meth kit(700$ new) with programmable controller meth pump is broken - 150$ (new pump 150 on ebay)
Fujitsubo Super Ti 1 piece straight thru titanium exhaust - 1200 perfect condition
Perrin short ram intake - 100$
V9 TMIC - 300$

Perrin pitch stop 50$
Engine harness wiring done by iwire for jdm gc8 ej207 swap 500$

Killer b race oil pan, Killer b windage tray, Killer b oil pick up 550$ alltogether

Stock tranny with 72k kms with kartboy shortshifter and bushings and 07 wrx modified linkage 750$
200 kms exedy hypersingle clutch 750$ fits 2002-2005 wrx and all jdm gc8

2 3 month old axles - 75$ a pop
1 6month old and 1 old old axle - 50 a pop
Rear diff with Whiteline diff bushings - 400$

RCE tarmac 2 currently on 650/550 springs, also comes with a more streetable 500/400 set of springs 1900$
Vorshlag front caster camber plates 350$
Vorshlag rear camber plates 350$

Whiteline anti lift kit 150$
Whiteline 24mm adjustable front sway bar 150$
Whiteline 22mm adjustable rear sway bar 150$
Whiteline front and rear endlinks 150$

Wheels n tires:
Rota svn hyperblack 18x10 5x100/5x114.3 with with continental extreme contact dw 265/35/18 with 2000kms on them 1500$
Rota svn 18x10 with 4 Hoosier A6, 60 runs 1 corded but also comes with a spare 5th tire 1400$
285/35/18 hankook rs3 3 with 1000km 1 brand new 500$

Cut and welded rear quarter panels filled with seamsealer and cut front to accommodate huge tires(can go as big as 315s)
Oversized 240z flares(25mm wider than regular zg flares)

Seibon carbon fiber hood with Seibon oversized hood scoop 600$
Seibon carbon fiber trunk 450$
Carbon fiber mirrors 100$

Defi boost water oil temp gauges with programmable warnings and event memory 200$
Aem wideband 120$
Oil pressure gauge 100$

850cc injector topfeed dynamic injectors brand new unused - 500$
Gas tank flap!? I need can you provide???
How old is the wideband sensor?
Where are you located?

Thanks a lot

Evo V OZ Stock Rims - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

For sale are a set of 4 stock rims from a 1998 Mitsubishi Evo V. 3 rims are mint and the 4th has some curb rash.

Rims are OZ Racing rims, They are 17" x 8" with a +38 offset. Bolt pattern is 5 x 114.3. No tires on them.

Rims are at my father's house near New Brunswick but I will be home mid-October and driving to Halifax and can deliver anywhere along the way.

Asking $800.

Spark Plugs - Subaru -> Legacy

Does anyone know what type and p/n for these cars. EJ206 auto.
when I was looking on the uk forums I came across the NGK's PFR6G .... but im sure there are a couple others that will fit as well.
4 NGK PFR7B sitting in my ej208 perfectly. I would assume its the same for ej206s.
Awsome thanks.

New BG5C Owner Here... Pictures attached... - Subaru -> Legacy

Just like the title says, I finally got a total sleepermobile here in the north.
Nice real nice, same color as mine but mine is a 99.

Fs: 2001 S2000 - JDM Buy & Sell Section -> Private Sales

Hey guys I thought I would try and post my car up for sale here as im trying to rally some last minute funds to buy a home. Heres a link to my [URL="http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1005517485&edited=true&posted=true&adActivated=true"]kijiji[/URL] add. If anyone has any further questions please dont hesitate to ask and I will answer them as thoroughly and honnestly as I can!

Year: 2001
Make: Honda S2000
Mileage: 107, 500km
Price: $16000

[URL="http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1005517485&edited=true&posted=true&adActivated=true"]KIJIJI LINK[/URL]
Very nice S2000! I can see the local price coming down on them finally now that the JDM models are importable. I bet the local owners will hate us guys :D
[QUOTE=William;86419]Very nice S2000! I can see the local price coming down on them finally now that the JDM models are importable. I bet the local owners will hate us guys :D[/QUOTE]

Thanks Will! Yea i can see that happening for sure.. just like what happened to the usdm 300zx owners.. I truly think I have it competitively priced considering the amount of money I dumped into it. The hardest thing is selling this type of car in a place like calgary! Winter > Summer

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