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Unbiased Information about JDM Cars/Japanese Imports

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The inspiration for our community grew since 2004 since the rise of imports of amazing Japanese cars from Japan's domestic market (JDM), most of which were previously unavailable in markets outside Japan.

Examples of why people find jdmvip.com so useful:
  • Researching JDM Cars, Ask Us Anything and We Can Help
  • Car Specifications
  • Reviews of JDM Cars
  • Importing/Exporting Japanese Used Cars
  • Parts and Suggestions
  • Engine Information
  • Car Maintenance
  • Common and Problems and Solutions for
In that time there have been many different websites, communities and of course companies formed to serve the JDM Import Car enthusiast community.  Unfortunately since this is the automotive industry, there are a lot of underhanded and dishonest things that do go on when it comes to JDM Cars.

Most concerning of all are communities sponsored by different JDM import companies that ensure negative opinions and information cannot be circulated about their dealings, many hiding under the guise of being an enthusiast site and trying to claim they are unbiased.  There are certainly many great communities and importers to serve the needs of the import community but there are perhaps just as many that are waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting JDM Japanese Used car buyers.

Unlike many other communities and sites, we have absolutely no involvement or ties to anyone in this industry.  We are individuals who want to get the most out of Japan's finest offerings of JDM Cars and help others do the same.

This site was created first and foremost with the consumer in mind. Our goal is to provide real exciting, unbiased and factual information about the excellent variety of JDM cars available for import.

We hope you enjoy our growing community and the wealth of information it will continue to be for as long as the JDM scene is alive.

If you have any questions about JDM cars visit our Japanese Import Car forums by clicking here.

We'd also like to remind everyone that JDMVip.com welcomes all its members from around the world including government officials and import/export companies to be a part of our site.

-- JDMVip.com Team

Other Information About The JDM Car Market

  • Imported Vehicles from Japan are common around the world, not just the UK (United Kingdom), Australia, but Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.
  • Canada Imported Vehicles from Japanese Used Car Auctions. Importing JDM cars from Japan has become very commonplace in Canada.
  • Most cars from Japan are sold through "Japanese Used Car Auction" such as USS Nagoya and other auction houses around Japan from Tokyo to Hokaido.
  • Japanese Cars for Sale are usually originally purchased from auction houses in Japan such as USS or JU.
  • JDM Used Cars are in high demand around the world.
  • Enthusiasts and casual owners import japanese cars
  • JDM Imports are known for their reliability and value
  • You can find JDM cars for sale on jdmvip.com
  • We have lists of Japanese Car Importers & Exporters

Most Popular JDM Cars/Japanese Imports:

  • Nissan Skyline Cars (R32,R33,R34 GTS-T,GTS-4 and GTR)
  • JDM Toyota Supra (MKIII JZA70/MKIV JZA80)
  • JDM Mazda RX7 (FD3S)
  • JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STi,Type RA,STi Type RA (GC8,GDA,GDB)
  • JDM Toyota Celica (ST185 and ST205 GT-Four WRC)
  • JDM Honda CRX, Civic, Accord, Prelude, Integra
  • JDM Toyota Aristo 3.0V/V300 Vertex (same thing as USDM Lexus GS 300+ series)
  • JDM Mitsubishi Delica/Pajero

Hot Regions for JDM Cars

  • Canada: BC (British Columbia), AB (Alberta), SK (Saskatchewan), MB (Manitoba), ON (Ontario), QC (Quebec), NS (Nova Scotia), NB (New Brunswick), NL (Newfoundland and Labrador), PE (Prince Edward Island), NT (Northwest Territories), YT (Yukon), NU (Nunavat).
  • Canadian Cities: Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Markham, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St. John's, Charlotteown, Yellowknife, Iqaluit.
  • Caribbean: Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Africa: South Africa
  • Europe: UK (United Kingdom), London, Ireland, Scotland
  • Australia/New Zealand: Perth, Sydney.

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UCF31 DRL Daytime Running Light Solution - Toyota -> Celsior

Hey guys

Does anyone have a quick and simple way to enable some sort of DRL on these cars (eg. like with the Subaru's where you hack the fusebox and jump a few wires)?

Thanks !

Asc680 controller install ucf31 - Toyota -> Celsior

Anyone installed one yet? Following the write ups on the usdm ls430 wasn't much help.

I'm not sure if I have the correct harness or not. Maybe someone with one installed could trace where it plugs in (behind glove box?) and take a picture for me?

I have a controller on mine and if it helps I will take a pic even though I have a different brand (cannot remember the name or model) once I get the car.

Hello from France - Import Discussion -> Welcome, Announcements & Suggestions

Hi all,

I'm Nicolas, I have 34 years and I live in Quincy Voisins, a small town next to Disneyland Paris, in France.

I have bought a Honda Civic EJ2 in 2009 and I kept it until June 2015.
I sold it to buy my dream, a Nissan Skyline R34 Sedan with RB25DET engine.

To make my dream, I buy my car from Japan Car Network in Japan.
I realize that my dream became a nightmare, 3 months since payment of it and no shipping announcement .....

My next Honda Civic EJ2

Welcome and sorry to hear that and I hope you do get the car or a refund. I had as similar experience with IBC Japan (search on here) as my first JDM import. I did get my car eventually but it took a LOT of work but also helped many others.

Hello from Manitoba! - Import Discussion -> Welcome, Announcements & Suggestions

Hi there, my name is Andrew and I'm a 22 year old guy. I found this site while I was researching how to import a vehicle from Japan, and I thought I'd sign up so I could ask some questions about the whole process.

So obviously I'm not here because I want to buy any old domestically available vehicle that I could find on Kijiji (though I haven't ruled it out), I'm here to find a cool RHD vehicle! Personally I'm a fan of Toyotas, and I can thank my dad for that. He's owned nothing but them since I was born, ever since he had a (new) Chevy Corsica that gave him nothing but problems. Since everyone around here seems to import Subarus (for the most part), the uniqueness factor is another reason importing a RHD 'Yota appeals to me.

So lets start by saying what I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd like to get a car in for about $5000-6000. That's the final price I have in mind, meaning the vehicle is insured, and has all the necessary equipment to have it pass safety at MPI (tires, DRLs, seatbelts, etc.). O can't calculate the exact cost of insurance, but I think $1000-1500 should be enough. this price is also not including the cost of shipping it inland or flying out to the port and driving it back. Which one I do depends on which method is cheaper. I'm thinking about going the export route as to my understanding is the cheaper method. I'm also not afraid of doing things like this on my own.

Cost is a huge factor to me as I don't make a lot of money. Being affordable to fix and fuel is also important. I'm not afraid to do repairs myself if I'm instructed on how to do them. Thankfully a lot of Toyotas share parts so finding local supply shouldn't be too tricky. Well, unless it's a body panel for a car not locally sold here...

I have a couple models in mind; a Caldina GT-T, Corolla (wagon or sedan), Sprinter Carib and Starlet Glanza V. Manual is a must, I'd like 4wd if possible, and turbo too if possible.
I wanted the Caldina at first, but landed price is at least $5000 for a decent one (unless someone quotes me otherwise) so that almost rules that option out for now. A shame, as it would be a good rival to my buddy's Legacy GT-B.
A Corolla is my next choice, since they're so cheap, and parts would be super easy to source. If it's a wagon, great, and if that wagon's 4wd, it is the holy Trinity I seek! I wouldn't object to a 4wd sedan if it's cheaper though, I've seen how low ae114s go for.
The Sprinter Carib is an obvious choice as it's a Corolla wagon in a costume. Again, 4WD = god.
The Starlet Glanza V is an awesome car I think, what's not to like about a lightweight turbo hatchback? It'd also put me in the same general category as my brother and his EG civic (though his is considerably more built out. It's still NA though)

So yeah! It's long winded I know, I just carried away when it comes to things I like. If you have some advice for me or you just wanna say hi, please leave me a reply!
welcome. I'm in Manitoba too.
My advice would be to decide which car and specs you would like and find that exact vehicle you want.
Cool! Think I've seen you driving around in your Evo or Aristo before. I know someone was selling their Aristo in TopTier, that wasn't you was it?

Thanks for the advice! My problem is I can be very indecisive when I have several choices in front of me. My heart says to go for the Caldina since it has everything I want (wagon, awd, turbo I4), its just hard to imagine actually saving up that much money. Since I have plans to go back to school I also need to save for that. Getting a vehicle that's affordable to run, own and maintain while I'm in school is crucial. I'd probably still take the bus to get to work and school though.

What want to know is the costs involved after the car has landed, I.e. booking a safety test and what they cost (on average), and typical parts needed to pass safety. I'm aware that you need tires, (~$1000-1300), DRLs, ($???), DOT headlights (not sure on procedure with no USDM counterpart), possibly seatbelts and that's all I know.

VIP Noob... - Import Discussion -> Welcome, Announcements & Suggestions

I'm new to Bippu Life, so I thought introductions should be in order. Name is Stephen and I'm currently stationed in Japan. I'm actually a VW fan at heart,

Since I was gonna be out here for a few years, I thought I'd try some nice Japanese cars. the first one I bought was an S15 Silvia Spec-S. I bought it from a guy that took it racing every weekend, so naturally it needed a lot of work. Most of my time and money in that car went to fixing the problems from the previous owner.


After I decided that I wanted to bring a nice Japanese car back when we leave, I sold the Silvia.


I started a long exhaustive process of finding a nice car to bring back. I hate the R32 GT-R's because they are really nothing more than money pits, but since they have huge fanboys in the states who are willing to pay a premium for them, I looked at those. I decided not to get one because I didn't want the headache of upkeep and import until somebody bought it.

I finally decided to get something comfy and classic and started looking at the Toyota Century. After some research, I found the Nissan President and fell in love with it. I found some great deals on them but they usually had bad problems. Finally I found the perfect one, it cost a pretty penny but I am happy what what I got.


Since I'm mostly a VW guy,I thought I'd bump heads with some guys that know real VIP...

that is so cool!
Wow what a story and what a classic of a President you found. Please keep sharing and contributing!
Wow! thats hard core vip.... nice!

FS: 1989 Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Twin Turbo 5spd - Sponsors -> Brave Auto Japan Intl -> Brave Auto - Stock

Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX
3.0L Twin Turbo & 5spd.
4 Seat Version, Glass T-Bar Roof etc.

Further details, photos etc of this vehicle can be found on our "http://www.braveautointernational.jp"WEBSITE.

Very Clean, Low Km & Orignal Example.

Grade: 4.0

[SIZE="3"Price: 850,000yen FOB
(includes: Vehicle, Preparation for Export, All Documentation & Brave's Charges) - we can ship world wide.

All vehicles that we source direct from the auctions for customers as purchase to order (our main business) or offered for sale like this one from our small amount of stock are inspected, test driven and owned by Brave.

If you are new to importing, we can help you (at no extra cost) and save you money by referring you to our well established contacts/import agents in a number of different countries.

Basically, importing a vehicle from Japan is "simple" and made even easier with our assistance and guidance, advise and help is always free.

Any questions, please contact me direct - [emailmark@braveautointernational.jp[/email




My '06 Toyota Aurion SX6 Sportivo - Import Discussion -> Videos & Photos Of JDM Cars

I figured it was about time I started a project thread for the Aurion. I bought this car in May '15 and didn't really plan on doing any mods to it, but as we all know, things often don't stay standard for very long. I've always liked these cars, so when I finally had the chance to buy one I opted for this '06 SX6 Sportivo model.

It came with the 18" TRD wheels pictured, but apart from that was all stock. Over the last 6-months I've added various bits and pieces to make it more unique, and the latest addition of a cold air intake makes it sound like an absolute beast when you hit the throttle. It's not very often you see modified Aurions so it leaves people wondering what the hell it is, while still blending in as a family sedan at the same time. The Aurion was only sold in Australia and New Zealand and was called the Camry in certain countries (Middle East etc), whereas most other countries got the 2.4L Camry with the different front/rear end.

So far the spec list is as follows:

* Stock 2GR-FE V6 3500cc 24v Dual VVT-i engine.
* Custom made 3" cold air intake setup.
* Potent Booster throttle controller.
* Aurion 2012+ GSV50 full metal VVT-i oil line.
* Aurion 2012+ GSV50 full metal oil cooler line.

* Aftermarket ducktail roof spoiler.
* Ezi-Lip front bumper lip extension.
* Aftermarket colour coded reversing camera.
* Aftermarket concealed front bumper camera.
* Genuine Toyota optional towbar & wiring.
* Genuine Toyota optional weathershields/monsoons.
* Bodykit Kingdom headlight eyelids.
* CREE LED headlight, park light and fog light bulbs.
* Aftermarket red 'Heat Emblem' in Toyota boot badge.
* Aurion 2012+ GSV50 'AURION' 1-piece rear boot badge.
* 2009+ Toyota Landcruiser Prado 'V6 Dual VVT-i' sticker.
* Aftermarket Japanese Mitsuba Alpha dual front horns.
* Lexus IS250 engine bay horn for factory alarm system.
* Factory brake calipers painted red.

* Eonon GA5164F Android GPS/USB/Bluetooth headunit.
* Aftermarket Bluetooth mic mounted in roof console.
* Genuine Toyota optional LED blue footwell lights.
* Toyota Blade Master G leather steering wheel.
* Lexus IS-F genuine Magnesium working paddle shifters.
* Genuine Toyota optional carbon fibre steering wheel logo insert.
* Aurion Grande 'real-look' matte wood centre console panel.
* Aurion ZR6 silver door trim and chrome handles.
* Aurion ZR6 digital A/C control upgrade.
* Aurion Grande carpeted centre boot trim.
* Genuine Toyota optional rubber moulded boot tray.
* Aftermarket 6x9 to 6.5" front speaker adapter pods.
* Lexus GS450H Mark Levinson 6.5" front speakers.
* Aftermarket white LED door courtesy lights.
* Aurion Grande auto dimming rear-view mirror.
* Valentine One radar mirror mount, hardwire kit & concealed display.
* Novatek A118 HD dashcam concealed behind mirror.
* UltraGauge OBDII display unit (speed, RPM, temps etc).
* Altezza aluminium footrest pedal (to match OEM pedals).
* Personalized license plates - 00 01 00.

* 18" optional TRD Kappa wheels and TRD centre caps.
* Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 225/45/18 tyres.
* King Spring 'Super Low' coil springs.
* Alutec aluminium front strut brace.




























Wow Scott fantastic example my friend. Can you tell me is the Aurion a Camry in Japan and how does it differ? This model looks like it takes a lot of cues from Toyota's Crown series IMHO and this is a good thing!
jdmvip;91942Wow Scott fantastic example my friend. Can you tell me is the Aurion a Camry in Japan and how does it differ? This model looks like it takes a lot of cues from Toyota's Crown series IMHO and this is a good thing!

Thanks mate :). The Aurion was primarily designed for the Australia and New Zealand market, but also made it to a few other markets around the world, sometimes even being badged as a Camry. Interestingly, the Aurion was never available in the Japanese market, but it definitely has some similarities to certain Lexus models and, as you mentioned, the Toyota Crown :)

There's a great read-up here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Aurion_(XV40)
I see very interesting and makes me want to get a Crown or Crown Majesta in the later years when available for import to Canada for sure!
What I like about so many Toyota's is it seems they were created to be VIP'd

FS: 1999 Mercedes SLK32K "Super Charged" - Sponsors -> Brave Auto Japan Intl -> Brave Auto - Stock

Mercedes Benz SLK32K (Super Charged)
3.2L & Automatic Transmission.
Full Black Leather.
Kleemann 330hp Super Charger Comfort Power Package - Fitted by Kleemann Japan (Replacement cost for package over US$10,000 + 17hrs Fitting).

Super Quick SLK

Further details, photos etc of this vehicle can be found on our "http://www.braveautointernational.jp"WEBSITE.

Grade: 4.0

[SIZE="3"Price: 675,000yen FOB
(includes: Vehicle, Preparation for Export, All Documentation & Brave's Charges) - we can ship world wide.

All vehicles that we source direct from the auctions for customers as purchase to order (our main business) or offered for sale like this one from our small amount of stock are inspected, test driven and owned by Brave.

If you are new to importing, we can help you (at no extra cost) and save you money by referring you to our well established contacts/import agents in a number of different countries.

Basically, importing a vehicle from Japan is "simple" and made even easier with our assistance and guidance, advise and help is always free.

Any questions, please contact me direct - [emailmark@braveautointernational.jp[/email






780 Tuners summer closer meet JDM Evo content - Mitsubishi -> EVO

So the 780Tuners closer meet happened a month ago. Ive been too lazy to put up pics. Some very artsy Evo pics were supplied to me by a friend of one of the Jdm Evo club members.... Enjoy!




https://www.instagram.com/reddangelo/ IS THE PHOTOG!!!!!!!








Hello from Manchester england - Import Discussion -> Welcome, Announcements & Suggestions

Iv been looking at importing a car for a but now and finally went ahead and made a purchase r34 gtt :) only found this forum recently which is a shame as it has pretty all the info you need with regards to who's reliable etc..iv got a thread going about my import if anyone wants to have a read.Cheers

Winter is here! Evo 4 Build thread round 2!!!! - Mitsubishi -> EVO

Sooooo, I had a great summer with the Evo 4. Attended a bunch of meets with the local JDM Evo club and spend some time at Castrol Raceway but not enough time....

I was thinking about parting ways with the car however after getting a few offers close to my asking price I decided to keep it and spend more money turning it into what I want it to be!

I have so many parts at the moment that I cant possibly get all of the parts on the car over winter. So I have had to decide and prioritize what needs to be done before spring and what can wait.

The following list are the things I need to do before next summer:

- Swap in an Evo 6 RS LSD Diff to compliment my E9 rear LSD
- Front sway bar and end links
- Rear Hybrid axles to regain ABS. This will be a 4rs axle with a GSR outer CV
- Front Carbon Splitter
- Front wiglets and canards for more aero
- New rear spoiler design
- More track spec tires
- Dot 4 brake fluid bleed
- Fix park lights
- Eliminate Ayc light and Cat light
- Cop kit and new plugs
- New clutch
- Close ratio 5 speed RS box
- Quick steering rack out of an E4 RS

I also have a mound of RS parts that I picked up that will eventually put my cars weight down to the 2700lbs. range. Unfortunately no timeline for this stuff to go in as it will take me more time than I have:

- E4 RS doors No crash bars and crank windows SUPER light
- E4 RS Rear glass and package tray to eliminate rear wiper
- E4 RS pillar antenna for more legit RS look
- E4 RS trunk, no park lights, thinner metal, way lighter
- E4 RS door handles
- E4 RS manual door mirrors, more electronics gone
- E4 RS climate control with optional A/C (Im not a complete savage)
- E4 RS dash, no air bags and way lighter
- E4 RS seats, super light, nicer color too

So we will see how this winter progresses. My goal is to have the first list done for the Castrol Race school in may... then we will see....

Pics so you don't feel bad about reading :)


Looking forward to this one as well! Always great work, seems like there are some interesting things in store... very interested in all the aero bits.

That evo 6 in those pictures looks great as well, I wonder who that goof looking at his rims in the bottom picture is though :P

For those wondering, pics are from this guy: https://www.instagram.com/reddangelo/

FS: 2001 BMW E46 330i Convertible - Sponsors -> Brave Auto Japan Intl -> Brave Auto - Stock

BMW E46 330i Convertible
3.0L & Steptronic Auto
Full Beige Leather Trim.

Further details, photos etc of this vehicle can be found on our "http://www.braveautointernational.jp"WEBSITE.

Grade: 4.5

[U875,000yen[/U FOB - can ship worldwide from Japan.

All vehicles that we source direct from the auctions for customers as purchase to order (our main business) or offered for sale like this one from our small amount of stock are inspected, test driven and owned by Brave.

If you are new to importing, we can help you (at no extra cost) and save you money by referring you to our well established contacts/import agents in a number of different countries.

Basically, importing a vehicle from Japan is "simple" and made even easier with our assistance and guidance, advise and help is always free.

Any questions, please contact me direct - [emailmark@braveautointernational.jp[/email





Vehicle now on hold while payment is being made.

Anyone know this Forester STI? - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

Car is now sold no need to keep this thread open.

Japan-Partner import - Import Discussion -> United Kingdom UK - Importing JDM Cars From Japan

First post here but figured I should post it up it will be a bit of a long post but since there aren't many/any recent genuine reviews of JP I thought I'd post this up

I'd been looking to import a skyline for a little while and finally decided to commit

Saw a car the JP site fell in love with it (I can't post any links yet,my post count is...at this point zero)

-I originally got in touch with them on the 27/10/15 and was told this,

"we currently have over 30 already paid for NISSAN GTR in processing for shipment and your car will simply join the line, for pre-shipping maintenance So we do require minimum *of* 30 days for that, and a right to extent this time"

That didn't bother me to be honest,I'm not in a major rush for the car so I went ahead with it

-Payment was confirmed in their bank by 30/10/15 with this message,

"Please note that your payment for stock item # 19080(Nissan SKYLINE 2.5 GT-T 1998) reached the bank and we are going to proceed with arranging your shipping.

Please let us know if you have any questions"

At this point I sent a few emails to which I didn't receive any response, giving them the benefit of the doubt here so I left it a little while thinking iv got 30 days before its even in for maintenance So it's probably just been put to the back of the pile.started discovering reviews on the Internet figured they were probably just unlucky/didn't pay a lot and expected better cars for little money then I found this forum and starting to panic a little i even managed to contact dean cadre on facebook after reading pretty much the only good review about them on the Internet to which he was the salesman.yup I contacted a guy who used to work for a company that he left 7 years ago haha he was very helpful and reassuring even though it's not really anything to do with him anymore,so if you ever read this Dean, cheers pal I appreciate it.

-rang jp on 05/11/15 and spoke to Voitek who seams like a good guy and was very helpful with great english,was told at this point that they are aiming to get the car delivered to me by the first week of 2016 but they have to time it right so that they don't send it and the paperwork gets lost with Christmas mail or that the docks are closed down etc he told me they fit all the body kit,alloys ,suspension themselves and that my car will be a very nice car.

I started feeling a bit better about the whole thing and up to now I can't really say anything bad other then their email responses isnt very good but that could just be again because my car is at the back of a waiting list.I just can't help but feel iv spent 10k with them and the least they could do is reply to my emails :/ either way that's where I'm upto at the minute with the import process,fingers crossed to getting the car and it being right I'll keep you all up to date
Since getting no replies from Voitek and me being very wary of this order I decided to email Vitali the owner of JP early hours this morning and within 2 hours I received an email back from Voitek in an attempt to reassure me about the purchase and also at the end of the message he wrote

"If for any reason you are feeling unsecured with this transaction with us, we are ready to give you full refund immediately. I do understand your concern, but you do need to be with us* on that."

10k is alot of money to be dealing with when a company dosnt reply and leaves you feeling insecure about the purchase from around the other side of the globe,I wouldn't expect this from a company in my own country so I replied back and said I that I would prefer to have the full refund.their office is closed now but hopefully I should hear back soon and receive my money fingers crossed it is immediate like he said

Ok so this morning I received anot her email one with a personal video with Voitek stood next to what looks to be my car and a second video going looking over the body kit,paint job and alloys etc the car in these videos looks absolutely perfect I'll be made up if that is mine.I also received photos of the car a copy of the registration certificate and a photo of the vin number

I'm very greatful that they have taken the time to do this as originally it reassured used me but upon closer inspection there's a few differences to the original pictures,Voitek originally said the car in the pictures on the website are pictures of the actual car.

1st difference although this could be angle of the photo (I'll see if I can upload pictures)from the front view picture it looks like there is an mfd in place of the triple gauges

2nd difference the tail lights are not standard like the original post

3rd difference the exhaust is angled where as the original was dead straight

These aren't a problem if it is the actual car but since they are different I have asked for another video before I decline their offer of a refund.I asked for Voitek to take a video showing the front of the car,then undo the bonnet show me the vin plate and then go into the car start it and show me the dials so I can confirm the milage,this is the closest I can get to verifying the vehicle without actually being there now I'm waiting his response which should be late Sunday/monday
Still can upload any images but if anyone wants to see what I am on about then pm me
*can't upload any images
Well still no reply as of yet but I have noticed that they have had a lot of cars in stock to them this week via their website and a couple posts on their Facebook page so they could have been busy with that,I'm staying as patient as possible on another note this should be my tenth post so I might be able to load pics now
So these are the original pictures Image:http://s4.postimg.org/7yqyax1l9/87844fa5b5.jpg



Image: http://s21.postimg.org/osubsahk7/695f821415.jpg
And then the new pictures




So new pictures are a he'll of a lot better quality but as you can see there are differences,if it is the car Im 100% happy with that but with them saying the first pictures are definitely the car I'm getting you can see why I'd be sceptical...anyone else think the 3rd new pic (taken from the bonnet) if you look into the windscreen the triple gauges looks more like the rear side of a mfd as opposed to the triple dials???it could be the angle of the photo to be fair
I don't know what's going on here, but the first set of pics to the second set of pics....Those are definitely different cars.
Yes agreed they are definitely not the same car,with what Dean told me about them fitting the body kits themselves and doing the paintwork by the sounds of it the original pics would have been old stock and they don't update the listing with new pics of the newer stock,I really don't know,I'm clutching at straws here communication with this company is not the best to say the least
Like a game of "Spot the ten differences".

1) Rear Muffler - angle and shape of box different.
2) Indicators - on front guards different colour.
3) Gauge Pod - one has MDF and the other not.
4) Rear Bumper - is different, if you open up both rear photos and place them side by side you will see the lower lip style is different.
5) Tail Lights - different.
6) Boot Lid - little hard to tell but this is a common fault on R34's and that is rust around the third brake light. If you look closely at the first car you can almost see to the lower rh side just below the 3rd brake light where rust has started but you cannot see this on the 2nd vehicle.
7) Front Bumper - one has mesh and the other does not.
8) Suspension - one sits higher (front & rear) than the other.
9) Headlights - the shape of the headlights is the same but 95% sure the internals are different.
10) Badge - the GTR badge on the boot lid is slightly to one side of the key lock compared to the other.

Now entering the bonus round.
11) Window Visors - one has and one does not.
12) Side Skirts - are different.

Now entering the do or die round.
13) Colour - could be wrong here - the chassis number of the first vehicle looks like "ER34-029916" (99% it is ER34-02XX16") and the colour for this vehicle (ER34-029916) is "QM1" which is white. The colour for blue is TV2 (Bayside) or BJ0 (Light Met Blue). If I have got the chassis number wrong and it is ER34-028816 the colour code is KV2 (Silver) although this chassis number is a auto vehicle so I will still take the gamble with ER34-029916.
Although #13 is not really part of "spot the difference" between the two vehicles it is more of "did you know" if I am correct with the chassis number.

14) reading your post from start to finish you mention the vehicle as being a 1998 GT-T which I gather is what you were told. Now if you go back to the chassis number side of things, it is very rare to find 1998 ER34's with ER34-0"2", most are ER34-00xxxx or 01xxxx.
ER34-029916 is a March 2000 build and ER34-0288916 is a Jan 2000 build. Now let's say I have read the chassis number wrong on the windscreen, I can see it is 99% ER34-02xx16 so with what you mention and what I see/think, I am a little suspicious here.

Anyway, just my thinking, the first vehicle is a GTR look alike which I gather you were aware of this and the second vehicle, I am fairly sure that is a real GTR and I do not think they are photos of the same car. I realise both have an aftermarket bonnet which is not a common style and is the same on both vehicles but.

1) this is Japan and there are hundreds and hundreds of vehicles around with the same style bonnet.
2) I am the suspicious type which does not help - maybe they brought a Blue GTR with an aftermarket bonnet (as the vehicle shown and before you came along) and their GTR customer does not like the bonnet so they have changed the bonnet back to original for the GTR customer. Maybe since your car now has this bonnet, is blue and kind of looks like an GTR, instead of sending you photos of your car they have sent you photos of the other car "before" the bonnet was changed without realising that you may spot the other differences.

Thanks for the reply mark there's lots I didn't spot,I am more then greatful for you pointing these out here is a picture of the new chassis plate
Image:http://s28.postimg.org/oa27r1rx9/image002.jpg I think it is safe to say japan partner have been lying to me,terrible at communication and untrustworthy,I like to give people the benefit of the doubt even if I am suspicious but if they are lying to me at this stage I can't see me having much luck when the car arrives (if it ever does)
There are lots of other pictures but given the information you have just told me from less then 10 pictures I don't think there is any point uploading more
Onewheeld;91920There are lots of other pictures but given the information you have just told me from less then 10 pictures I don't think there is any point uploading more

Go on, load them up, I want to see if I can get a higher score, sorry I should not make this a game.

That vin plate you posted - build date is 03/1999 and the colour of the car is AR2 which is red so either this car has been colour changed or you have been given a photo of an id plate from another car.

You may already know that someone else on this forum brought one car and was sent a different car and this goes on a lot with a lot of exporters and it really shits me because the lying and cheating that some exporters do reflects onto all exporters.

The long story short and this is for all exporters - always take what you read on many Japanese agents websites about their business with a pinch of salt because a lot of information is not exactly true, fabricated or they make themselves out to be something they are not.

Below are the common claims.

Auction Membership - when they do not have and do not be fooled by an auction site they have on their site as this does not mean they have membership to the auctions. Seeing them at the auction in video's or attending the auction with them does not mean they have membership. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors used in this subject.
Staff - when they are really a one man band working out of a room in the back of their house. One man bands are not the end of the world (I was one once), it just annoys me when they claim to have all these staff when they do not.
Office - what office, oh you mean the famous office we read/hear about but never see or we see a photo of a building that has been photo shopped with their sign on it.
Facilities like yards, wash bays or whatever - many take photos of random workshops and then place them on the website and say "our inspection facility", but the one I love the most is our "yard" which looks more like a port storage yard to me with 100 different agents vehicles lined up.
Testimonial/References - never believe what is written on their website, always Google the company and look for reviews etc on public forums, they cannot control what the public say about them where as they can on their website, FB page etc or any site where they control what is and is not said/displayed.
Huge Number of Stock - anyone can have this with copy and paste from other sites, if any agents claims to have over 2,000 vehicles in stock then I have Elvis living next me.
And the above is just the beginning of it.

Early next year I am going to start (been making the video's the last half of this year and just secured a YouTube channel) uploading video's to this site https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa6UdAdL_MScE4kgPWbxxJw (I would not bother visiting it yet as there is nothing on it) about everything to do with the auctions, agents etc etc. I will be showing people behind the scenes of buying and selling vehicles at auction here, how to tell if your agent is real, how to tell if he/she has auction membership and what the huge disadvantage and risk for the customer when they do not, how the bidding is done and the correct way to bid, how negotiation is done, how vehicles are sold at auction as many will be surprised to know what we see as the seller on USS auction site and how we can make the auction run up to our reserve, there are many tricks to the auctions.
There will also be a lot of other stuff as well which customers of mine and customers of other agents will find very interesting and even some agents who are new to the industry and do not have their own auction membership will also find my posts/video's very interesting because they cannot see the other side.

Why have I decided to do this - well I have sat on the side lines (until now) and witnessed certain members getting their fingers burnt over the years and not just on this forum, feed a load of rubbish from their agent/exporter and have not said anything so hopefully this new channel will point out a few facts and guide people better which they can either make their own mind up, look into it a bit more or maybe learn a few things that can help protect them in the future no matter who they are buying from.

This new YouTube channel will be kept separate from my business channel as it is not to promote my business, it will be strictly to educate people.

Cheers for that Mark, I appreciate the replies,however I spoke to Voitek this morning and they have agreed to give me a full refund I'll post back on here as soon as I receive it :)
Onewheeld I hope things work out for you, Im surprised at how often cars are misrepresented.

[QUOTEYou may already know that someone else on this forum brought one car and was sent a different car and this goes on a lot with a lot of exporters and it really shits me because the lying and cheating that some exporters do reflects onto all exporters.

This was the silver s15 that was brought in. It surprises me that this actually happens often. The guy who brought it in lost interest in the car and has since sold it and moved on. Really too bad.

Just for reference http://forums.jdmvip.com/My_Silvia_S15_Spec_R_Import_Discussion_Videos_amp_Photos_Of_JDM_Cars-6744-t
Way to go Onewheeld and good on you for giving a full review and details of your experience (few people do this when posting about their Exporter) and I hope things work out and you get the car you were after somehow. Nice job for Mark to catch the deception.

Slowboi yes +1 things in Japan are not as many think or at least how I thought years ago. I'm more surprised that threads like this about many Exporters have not popped up as I hear many stories in private that never go public unfortunately. My favorite one is "I ordered a Skyline and received a Soarer!"
Thanks for the replies,I don't understand why people don't leave reviews for things like this,it benefits both future buyers and it also benefits the sales company.cheers for the link that was one I read very unfortunate for the guy.

Quick update Spoken to Voitek on the phone this morning and the refund is now going to take 2 weeks to be back in my account apparently.I'll write another update on the 8th of December.

Dylan's 2000 Forester STI - Import Discussion -> Videos & Photos Of JDM Cars

After owning a GC8 for the past couple of years I decided I wanted something a little bigger but just as fun so I ended up winning a 2000 Forester STI in an auction and it should be here late December (hopefully). Here are the pictures I have of the car as it sits at the yard in Japan.

It was a 4B auction car with 93 000km and as everyone knows the first year of the FSTI was only automatic :( Will most likely do the manual swap come spring.

Plans for the car are to have a reliable, fast, fun car that when people look at it they go :eek:

My modification will include:

3SDM 0.06 wheels in 18x9.5 et35
Air Lift Performance air ride (still deciding on which management system)
Aero Spec front grill
Staggered 3" blast pipes (swapping on from my GC)
Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel (from the GC as well)
NRG quick release/short hub (also from the GC)
and a few other small things here and there.

Here is my GC at the moment:

https://flic.kr/p/Aeq7ArImage:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/770/22467949429_07e7623514_b.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/Aeq7ArDSC_0154_zpstktfy3sm by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

https://flic.kr/p/Ac6UgyImage:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/729/22441762958_7c14639061_b.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/Ac6UgyDSC_0160_zps8iyddh4e by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

And the new Forester STI

https://flic.kr/p/AchbHHImage:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/705/22443769419_3ec442ecc0_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/AchbHHSB153945-4 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

https://flic.kr/p/AchaW2Image:https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5766/22443766769_d4bfce4fb9_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/AchaW2SB153945-7 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

https://flic.kr/p/ALJMmoImage:https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5818/22822403202_8b0a49642d_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/ALJMmoSB153945-5 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

https://flic.kr/p/AKCNh3Image:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/771/22809919146_60cf2c3bc0_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/AKCNh3SB153945-6 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

Will be swapping in my Nardi wheel and NRG quick release.

https://flic.kr/p/ANVpJkImage:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/624/22847109691_c6a28b642b_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/ANVpJkSB153945-9 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

Could use a really good cleaning but overall it is in great condition.

https://flic.kr/p/zR3AYZImage:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/701/22214789553_93a1c7f5a5_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/zR3AYZSB153945-10 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

https://flic.kr/p/Ach9WBImage:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/602/22443763439_b9c3df049d_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/Ach9WBSB153945-14 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

Digital climate control, pretty cool. Didn't know these cars had that.

https://flic.kr/p/AMW3gtImage:https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5689/22835916105_2474887934_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/AMW3gtSB153945-11 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

Soo much room for activities!

https://flic.kr/p/AvjzcuImage:https://farm1.staticflickr.com/768/22647932190_14c14f3c55_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/AvjzcuSB153945-15 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr

Some big unnecessary grounding kit but a strut bar which I didn't know they came with either (probably aftermarket actually).

https://flic.kr/p/AKCKeuImage:https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5737/22809908906_5ce0ccf81a_z.jpghttps://flic.kr/p/AKCKeuSB153945-21 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/129448950@N04/dylan juneau, on Flickr
Im pretty sure i saw your GC8 at submit86 this year. Wicked car... love the wheels. Nice choice on the forester... there is a lot of yellow under the hood... yikes!
Congratz! You are going to love the forester, great cars.
Thanks dude! Yea I was at Submit for ashore while this year.

Haha yea a big grounding kit, which you really don't need but oh well.
Grounding kits are a big plus on these motors man, they help a lot.

Both cars look rad man, nice work!
Mine has the ground kit as well.

OEM EJ20G Valve Cover Gasket Part #'s - Subaru -> Impreza

I just replaced my valve cover gaskets on my 95 WRX. Lots of cross referencing was involved. To save everyone else the hassle here are the numbers :)

OEM Subaru part numbers you will need.

1x Part#13272AA040 Gasket LH
1x Part#13270AA040 Gasket RH
4x Part#13293AA030 Spark Plug Gaskets
12x Part#13271AA051 Grommets

Intermittent Idle Misfire and Hesitation Under Load - Subaru -> Legacy

I have had some hesitation since I got the car, always very minor, I didn't really notice it for quite a while but looking back it was there.

Symptoms: when I start to apply 50-70% throttle, the car will start to accelerate, then stumble once or twice between 2500 and 4000 rpm, changeover happens, then I will get another one or two misfires / hesitation then the car will continue to accelerate as normal.

This has really begun to get worse recently. Car was also limiting itself to 7psi and not changing over to twin mode, right around when the misfire was getting really noticeable. Sometimes when the car is idling, it will misfire randomly (i can feel a slight bump and I can hear the revs change). Sometimes I start the car and none of this happens at all, it's making it very hard to pin down.

Mods / work done to the car: (Some may not be relevant but I will include it all)

timing belt changed by a pro
All new vac line throughout engine bay / BBOD
New Coolant lines
Block heater installed
All fluids changed (coolant, tranny, diff, oil) confirmed proper levels
silicone turbo -> intercooler piping
silicone intercooler -> throttle body coupler
beatrush forged pitchstop
charcoal canister solenoid broke so I have removed this and capped the lines.
blitz pod filter
HKS axle back
New NGK iridium plugs (BKR6E IX)

Funny enough, this problem really started to show after the intercooler piping and charcoal canister solenoid delete so I am going to take another look at how I capped the line and make sure everything on intercooler is rock solid, what if it's a simple vacuum leak?!?

What's the verdict on injector cleaner, does the stuff actually work? I think I'll run some through the system and see if it helps. I'm also going to clean all the ground connections I can find.

Oh I did also try a different set of coil packs but the misfire was much much worse with those, but it could have been the plugs being incorrectly gapped as well, so I will swap those back in with my correctly gapped plugs and see if they change anything.

If that doesn't work, I am thinking of replacing parts in the following order:

1.) o2 sensor
2.) coil packs
3.) fuel filter
4.) injectors

Looking for opinions and experience, let me know if you had something similar happen and what fixed it! Please! ha. ha. -___-
The first thing I would do is check the codes.
It could be the plug wires and the next suspect I say would be the MAF or crank sensor. You could even just clean them and see if things improve.

I also say the POD filter is suspect, check and clean it.

I think what you are seeing is an ignition problem that became apparent after you solved your boost issues.
Oh sorry, I should have mentioned that I have recently cleaned both the filter and MAF and that resolved an issue I was having where the car shut down when I pressed the clutch in.
I cleaned the ground wires and connections tonight, car starts real nice now, as well, there's no more misfire in primary mode, or it's very very slight.

Now only happens after the changeover consistently. That's one thing, now it's consistent and a much more specific set of symptoms.

I've found a thread on uklegacy with an exact symptom match, right down to the RPMS where hesitation occurs, which suggests coil packs. I have that set so I will try them tomorrow, I ran out of light today. Fingers crossed
OK, new coils did not help, also swapped in a working MAF, it did not change anything. I did a compression test to make sure it was not something more serious like burnt valves or cracked rings and compression was good all around! (phew)

I am going to try a new knock sensor this weekend, hopefully. If it's not that, then I am leaning toward a cracked turbo inlet. Buddy with the MAF noticed there was a strange whistling sound that I didn't hear before.. Hoping to figure this out soon, it's getting cold and I have no garage to work in!!
Did you get new coils? Test the coils to make sure they're good. Also not sure if your car has coil wires, but if it does then change those too. Another thing I'd consider is the fuel pump.
Thanks snowbreeze.

I got the coils from a guy I know who pulled them off a totalled GT-B (rear ender)

The condition was the same using both sets of coil packs so I doubt it's the coil themselves. BUT something just dawned on me. I have been using the same coil pack boots (they are coil on plugs). The ones on the new set were too short, so I pulled off the boots and put them on the new packs. That's the only thing that's remained constant!!

That, along with the fact that I can hear an audible click (like a spark arcing) with each misfire, from one particular cylinder makes me think I've figured it out. (I also looked and listened at night, to see if I could see the spark, I couldn't) I still need to pull that coil again to confirm, but I never really inspected the boots for cracks..

I'm going to pull that coil, get some jb weld in any cracks I find, then di - electric grease the shit out of her and that should be the end of it. Fingers crossed.
update, misfire is gone! or it seems to be. I went for a good rip and it hasn't come back. problem was the injectors. spray pattern on one was all drippy and crap. pro cleaning and flow testing remedied the situation! wooo. just glad my baby is running for winter
Good to hear it's running right again. Was the cleaning/flow testing expensive?

Price of gauge cluster light bulbs; '02 Honda Stream - Import Discussion -> General Discussion

I own a 2002 Honda Stream, which I am pretty happy with. It's a simple, robust machine. But now a lot of light bulbs are starting to go: Gauge cluster and center console bulbs.

So I found the gauge cluster bulbs, but the price is totally eye-watering: 11$ per bulb at Lings Honda Parts, parts nr. PFKL533360. That is something like 30x the price for more common interior bulbs like T5/#74 bulbs. Anyone here who knows where I can find cheaper bulbs of the Honda insert-and-turn-sort?
They should be easy and cheap to find on eBay.

Great Service From Mark @ Brave Autos - Import Discussion -> Japan Car Export/Auction Discussion

Just a heads up regarding Mark at Brave Autos.

I was looking for a Lancia Delta Evo 2 and opted to use Mark because of all the good things I had heard about him. So I put a deposit down and was eagerly awaiting a nice example to become available when I saw a car for sale on the Lancia forum, so I ended up buying that one instead.

Mark was great when I told him that I was thinking of buying the car and said that if I did buy it, he would return my deposit and even offered advice on what to look for because this car had been a Jap import.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark for anyone looking for an importer, his knowledge and help was second to none.
Glad to hear the positive review. Please post up pics of your vehicle when you get delivery!
Sugar just spent half an hour putting pics up and then it says I need 10 posts to be able to put them in, so 6 more posts to go.
5 more posts to go.
The car is in excellent condition.
Most importantly it has absolutely no rust.
Just getting a few jobs done to get it looking even better.
The front grills were looking slightly grey so I have had them all repainted satin matt black. Won't be in these pics though.
These were taken when it was delivered. I had arranged a guy to collect the car because I didn't want to have to tax it with only 10 days to go before the end of the month. Great new car tax rule, just another way the government can rob us.







Wow looks stunning
+1 amazing and rare rally legends, congrats!

Oil level question - Subaru -> Legacy

Ok so i have a 2000 legacy gtb ej206 and i changed the oil and filled it until it was at the half way mark and drove it for a while then checked it after a hour and was still good. But when i checked it on the morning it was just past the full mark....so drained some out and it seems to bounce around alot.

When is the best time to check the oil level on these cars? Has anyone else run into this?


Hi Joe

I am not sure if it is just with the Subaru's but I always found the levels harder to gauge and read as you kind of describe.

For one thing though when cold the level will read lower than when hot. The best time to check the level is when hot.

Are you sure that you checked 2-3 times each time to make sure the reading was actually correct?

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