• How To Import a Car From Japan Through JDMVIP Premium Export Service
    Our Service To Export / Import JDM Cars from Japan? With our service, finding a good used or new car in Japan is a simple click away! We've combined our 10+ years of buying at auction and our industry connections to bring you the very best and most reliable service found in Japan.  After spending so much time helping members avoid problems or solve problems with their Exporter in Japan we realized we can all do better.  Our customers and members get the advantage o
  • Meguiar's Has A Great Article On Paint Care - Keep Your JDM Import Shining
    We just thought we'd mention this because Meguiars seems to have a great product line.They also have a lot of great information about paint care.We know products like ColourX from Meguiars work like magic on oxidized paint too.http://www.meguiars.com/faq/index.cfm?faqCat=Paint%20Care