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  • Currency Conversion - Keeping Track Of How Much JDM Car You Can Buy
    With world markets sliding each day (as of October 17th, 2008), whatever JDM car interests you will likely cost more.We're posting this currency conversion tool so there are no surprises about the true cost of the car you are interested in purchasing.
  • How To Verify Your Car's Mileage Before It Leaves Japan & Preferably Before You Purchase It
    ODOMETER Fraud Does Happen With regards to JEVIC, they only have the same information as the auction houses regarding the mileage of cars: The "national database" is the 走行メーター管理システム that the auction houses use together to determine if there are any mileage errors. Therefore when buying a car at auction we are provided with all the information available. It is possible that an odometer could have been rolled back if say