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Monky's Inc

Website Link:
Country: JP
Province: NA
Address: 2-17-19,Mishimaoka,Ibaraki-city,670021
Phone: +81-72-624-6153

Description From Their WebSite:

I used to living my age 20 to 22 years old in the western part of the United States, and was engaged in automobile repair business for seven years. Five years were passed as an automobile salesman after that. The present automobile export trade is performed taking advantage of old career.
When you have questions, Please feel free to contact to me! Thanks!

My personal messages to our custmers in the world
Dear Custmers,

Thank you for your visiting our website.
My name is "Yasuhiro Totoki", a magaging director of MONKY'S INC.
We are one of reliable and experienced car export company.

These days, I know there are a lot of demands from world wide buyers, and private custmers for Japanese performance vehicles, and As you knows now the internet is one of the most easiest, and reliable tool for serching your vehicles at your home without going abroad and buying the vehicels.

The world has been changing every day, and the ways of buying vehicles are also changing....

There are a lot of "Amazing high performance, but affordable vehicles" in japan, and easy to buy in auto auction houses, dealer stock, moreover private buying.

Of course, We will supply any kinds of vehicles as the custmers request, but If you are inerested in japanese highe performance vehicles, Let me have your enquiry at first at us.

Definitely, We can give you best service in the world, and We have a great confident to offer attractive and owesome vehicles to you at a reasonable price level.

I hope You will be satisfied with our custmer service, and our supplying vehicles.

I am looking foward to hearing from you in soon,

Yasuhiro Totoki,


Our Comments & Observations:

We have not heard any feedback about them but their website shows a number of Canadian import companies are using them and they have at least 1 testimonial from a satisfied customer in Alberta.

We e-mailed them with some questions and they seemed pretty straight forward and in honest to some fairly tough and direct questions about how they operate their business.

What we like is that the owner appears to be an enthusiast and has his own repair shop which means they inspect the cars they sell to you, whether from their own stock or from auction and even test drive it and will send you a video.

They will also tell you what is wrong with the car and offer to make any of the necessary repairs.
They also mention that they use Amsoil for all their customer cars which as anyone knows is virtually the undisputed best oil you will get.



*We have come across some customer complaints including one who said he sent a deposit for a car and that they instead sold it to another party in Australia (and they were lied to about it).

Other owners accuse them of lying about the condition of vehicles and painting over rust and other things.

They also sell some cars with accidents without disclosing this (it is a common practice but they claim to Export quality cars).


MONKY's Response

*There is currently a situation between and MONKY's/contacts in regards to linking the customer complaints above. We will be updating after we receive a final clarificaton and response from MONKY's/contacts with full details and e-mail correspondence from MONKY's.

Due to the nature and threats we received we are posting the full e-mail correspondence as we've been made aware that rumours about what has transpired have been started. We're posting this so everyone can decide what to make of the situation Click here for the full correspondence.

The delica owner accept my appologizes as you knows in the message, and We appologized that We did an mistake, "We forgot to send the pictures of Roof conditions". I show this threds on our webpage officially, as an example of our mistake, so No problems, you to show this threads. This page shows the link to Delica forum page, same threads here: Basically We covered his loss by "Sending money", total 150,000JPY, for our mistake, and We recognized and He agreed with our proposals. If you want to read his mails, We will show you. Yes, We disclose his contact address, his name, all his info(He agrees with this.) I have no problems you to show this, as a "Reference", and appriciated you to show this in your page. However,
This thread is "False story".
and It's not fair for us he doesn't show any "Clear Certificate", and
You heard only his story before You confirmed this issue against us, then
judged "We lied", very bad manner, not fair.

We have no idea who this is. and We can't remember any of the story
this person wrote in the thread. but in my memory, I have not sold any
skyline with roll cage? and stickers on the glass?? so I think he made
false story???
Most of cars we have been selling were listing in our inventory webpage
since 2002years, so We think the skyline he says is not ours.

Your comments looks like "Prejudice", without any "Clear Certificate".
We think you had to "Ask of us" about this issue at least before you
wrote like the page... We feel it's not fair

E-mail Correspondence Between, Monky's Inc and Luxury Imports (a contact of Monky's who included their name in the initial e-mail threat regarding the two links to customer complaints). Posted with permission of the senders.

*E-mails must be read from the very bottom to follow properly (scroll to the bottom). The bottom most message contains a threat from MONKY's and Luxury Imports if we do not remove the links of customer complaints.

Luxury Imports has also accused us of blackmailing MONKY's into sponsorship. A quick read of the e-mails and sequence of events will prove this is impossible as MONKY's said they were going to sponsor us, but during that time their profile was updated. As clearly shown they changed their mind after they saw their updated profile which contained links to customer complaints.

The accusation is unfounded and borders on absurdity and intimidation for exposing customer complaints. Please be reminded, I am not in the JDM business, these two companies however are, and yet somehow want to accuse us of being after them. This site tells the truth good and bad, and we will not be intimidated and break the trust of our members. That's why I started this site, because as we can see, customer complaints can disappear quickly in the face of threats from most sites. We won't tolerate any company making libelous statements about this site just becauase they want to cover up customer complaints. That's all we have to say although we will be replying one final time to Wayne Smith of Luxury Imports.

Excerpt of original threat below which names MONKY's and it's contacts and specifically their customer Luxury Imports as parties who will take action against us for not removing the links.

If you would neglect this issue, We will write my comment on this as a 
new thread, and if you can't show any, We will take proper process in
Canada with my best friend, Luxury Imports Canada, Mr.Wayne smith

I don't say "You don't wrote any bad about us".
You have to take responsibility for your words, when you says "Bad" against

I am not in Canada, but I have many contacts in canada, so It's
not difficult for me to ask them to doing all process for me.


06/03/2009 5:18PM

Hi Yas

I want to start by saying I am shocked and disappointed at your behavior and lack or professionalism.  I decided I could not accept sponsorship after finding those customer complaints.  I don't make any money from, I just wanted to cover costs but I won't accept sponsors that won't be good for the buyers.

This is how you respond to legitimate complaints by your customers which we found?

To respond with threats to our findings where people are complaining about your company and the quality of your cars is not very smart at all.
Further, I see you are implying additional action or threats against my safety which I take very seriously.  I'm in business and I know my legal rights and I also know nothing we said was wrong or out of context.  We simply provided customer experiences and linked to them.

Do you want me to post pictures showing core supports replaced of some of your vehicles?  I don't think Wayne and your "contacts" would appreciate you using their names in a threat against our site and my personal safety.

Not only does this change my mind about your company, I think your current customers and potential customers should know about these things in addition to the complaints about your company.

You seemed to know who these customers were on those threads, and some of them you ignored such as the car you sold to Australia etc...these are not lies and you can't sue people for sharing information.  I sure hope I won't find you've threatened any of these customers or other sites with information because our site is open to sharing information so people know who the best Exporters are.

Yas, if I wanted to I would have the right to share your threats on, IVOAC and the Delica forums.  This is the right I have because you are threatening our site and my personal safety over complaints we found from your customers which are legitimate.  People should know this is how you handle these things.

Whenever we find new information we share it, which may include updating, removing and/or adding information.  No company gets special treatment including our sponsors, this is about the consumer and we mentioned that before we talked about sponsorship and this applies to all sponsors and all companies.

I'm just very surprised Yas, with your behavior, I could say that you made some mistakes, and thought you're a good Exporter, but it's hard to believe this with what you sent me.  I'm not looking for an apology, but you should know I do have the time to defend myself.

Now I am worried that because I exposed this information about your company, that you will try to damage the reputation of my name and so I will be forced to find your contacts and share this letter with them including Wayne from IVOAC who you include in your threat against me.  I don't believe Wayne is the kind of person who would be involved in this threatening behavior.

This won't be posted publicly yet, but it depends on your behavior.  As you know you are free to come on to discuss these things, and I think it would be best to discuss them rather than people seeing you just threaten people who find these complaints about you.

I just want to say that I'm so shocked that I am reading or replying to an e-mail like this from you, because even other companies haven't responded in such a poor manner to complaints.  The way a company responds to complaints is how customers will judge them and will be won over and I've told this to every Exporter.

If someone complains, address the complaint and be honest and try your best to fix it.  If you have information to add, you should do it on the Delica forums rather than threatening me, and as I see those customers felt they caught you lying, these are not my words, but their words.  I hope I'm not going to find out you've threatened anyone else.

Yas, again I just can't believe I'm writing this to you over legitimate complaints by your customers.  Just because someone says something you don't like, doesn't mean you should threaten them, if you feel you've corrected the situation why not say so in those forums and explain how?

You're still welcome to be on, but I wish I never saw this letter from you.  The reason is because that's what our site does, we show the truth, and part of that should really be this letter so customers understand how you respond to complaints.  This is not meant as a threat, but as you know this is the nature of our site.

Because I understand you might have written these threats out of anger, I'm not going to make this public yet.  I still think you should reconsider how you address these complaints and accusations by your customers.  It's not even us who's accusing you, we're simply letting people know that these are complaints by your customers.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on this.  Wayne, I'm sorry to bring you into this but your name was used as part of a threat against me.



06/03/2009 5:49PM

I know the story of the Delica and Yas did come good for the miscommunication. the owner of the Delica accepted the payment and by doing so he accepted Yas's apology. That link should be removed or a statement to the effect that Yas stood behind his promise.
as for the claim by JYMZ, if indeed he had made a deposit for the car then he will have a record of the vin number. why did he not post the vin number up for all to see? his claims are questionable to anyone with an open mind.
there should be a statement to this effect on the link you posted up.
Yas has the right to turn down sponsorship to your site if he feels like it. it is not a mandatory requirement on ANY site. you asked for support and he turned it down. you are bitter about it and are threatening him. sad really.
Areeb, you should really try and support honest exporters from Japan instead of trying to blackmail them into supporting a site that is obviously biased and digging for dirt.
Yas, you have done nothing wrong. ignore Areeb, unless he is willing to be completely unbiased then he is a waste of time and energy.


06/03/2009 7:13PM

Hi Wayne

Again another surprise. All I wanted to do, was make you aware that your name was used in a threat to me by one of your most recommended companies, and nothing more.  I am under the impression that this is something you are comfortable with.  I understand your position, but these are the complaints against Monky's and all we did was what our site is about. We didn't make anything up, we just linked customer experiences, good and bad for all exporters. I understand you are very satisfied with Monky's and I won't waste our time commenting on needless things or to explain how works.

The issue of sponsorship has nothing to do with anything, perhaps you've misunderstood or didn't read the comments fully.  Everyone on was offered sponsorship, we didn't ask for anyone's support or favor and everyone was clearly told no favors would be done should customer complaints arise. It's a favor for the company, considering it means more business for them. Again, I don't understand what this has to do with your portion of the of email? If you want to talk about being biased, as far as I know, Monky's is your exclusive choice, and that is your business and your right, and has nothing to do with our site OR the threat Monky's sent me...even so I have to admit I'm really shocked with your response as well.

As I mentioned I only involved you, because of that ONE portion of Monky's threat to me. I didn't expect a response from you at all, I expected a response from Monky's since Yas made the threats in the first place. But you have responded on his behalf, so I suppose I have no choice but to respond back to you.

I'm not going to tell you how to run IVOAC or your business, I just thought you might be interested to know  since your name is part of a threat against me. And Monky's clearly stated in his email (shown below) that both of you want to make this public and want to take action. I welcome it, because now with your permission I  can post all of this. This is not a threat, but it's what you and Monky's are comfortable with according to the below statement by Monky's which you have not refuted in the email response you made on his behalf.

If you would neglect this issue, We will write my comment on this as a
new thread, and if you can't show any, We will take proper process in
Canada with my best friend, Luxury Imports Canada, Mr.Wayne smith.

I'm not sure what you mean by telling Yas to ignore me, it was him who contacted me with these threats and mentioned your name.
Regarding my response to Monky's threats, I don't know how my statements to him can be taken as a threat, considering I was very fair . I simply replied to his threats against me and even offered to tell his side of the story which he (and all exporters)  always have the opportunity to do.

I don't want this to be an issue, I never started this, and never has there been a company who has gone to this extent.  I didn't know it was a crime to link the stories of someone's customer experiences.

I hope this is not going to be an issue, Wayne I didn't want you to be involved, but it seems you have volunteered, and it seems you want to be part of this based on Yas's email and your own response. Which is fine, because I do understand that there is some language issue's and that you and Yas have a close business relationship. Perhaps instead of threatening me, you and Yas should post something on the Delica forums, because Yas disappeared in those threads when people called him out on his conduct and business. I don't know how I can be a threat, when no one has seen this yet, but thousands can see exactly what Monky's has done on those Delica forums. It's a waste of time to threaten me and you and Yas probably could spend your time better contacting the customers that are complaining instead of sending me threatening emails. I mean no offense, but I can't put it in better words.

I hope this issue of bringing to light customer complaints is not going to become an IVOAC problem, but I'm concerned that you and your company are now threatening me  along with Monky's.  Clearly, anyone who reads what happened which is Monky's sending me a threatening e-mail on behalf of himself, you and his contacts is the party who is making the threats.  My only response was that this should be made public so people know that's how this company deals with complaints from customers and anyone who would try and bring this to the attention of the public.

Your accusation that I threatened Monky's is unbelievable and without merit, I have no idea how you got that considering they were the ones who contacted me and I responded quite fairly.  Perhaps I should have just posted all of this publicly before doing the courteous thing by contacting everyone involved to be fair.....

I'll leave it at that, I understand you recommend Monky's and are a satisfied customer.  Anyone is free to go on to report their experiences, but we won't be threatened by people who don't like what is being said.  There are other Exporters with good and bad experiences listed and none of them have threatened any of us and involved their 'friends' to threaten along with them, and I think this speaks volumes.

I don't want this to go any further, but if anything else happens then I am going to post everything including the original e-mails with headers, so no one can say this is fake just incase someone wants to manipulate the context.

Like I said before, I'm very surprised.

Please let Monky's know that it's unfortunate that he decided to take this route and also that you are now willingly a part of it. I hope this can be put aside and we can all continue on without this ugliness. However, I won't be swayed by threats and intimidation nor will I stand to be called the instigator of the threats. I am not to blame nor are any of the moderators on my site, nor the customers who post legitimate experiences nor the exporters who conduct themselves and their businesses with integrity and honesty. The only one's to blame, are the one's who created the unsatisfied customers.




07/03/2009 12:00AM

blah blah blah
end quote
how where you threatened by me? i gave a solution to the problem and you have gone on a rant. grow up.
you want to go public, please do so. if you know anything about me you know that when someone tries to back me into a corner then my nasty side will show. i did not threaten you since i do not care about you, your site, your one-sided view. i have better things to do in life than try and dig up dirt on anyone that is involved in the JDM craze.
go crawl back under your rock.
Yas, you have done nothing wrong. you came good on the Delica. the other bloke has flipped you the bird. don't waste your time with JDMVIP, he is not worth it.
Areeb, blah blah blah, now go get a real life.


07/03/2009 1:08AM

Dear Agreeb,

I am sorry you recieved my e-mail as a threat, it wasn't.
I am not interested in sponsoring your site anymore and
gave you the reasons why, that is all.

Good bye,


07/03/2009 1:40AM

Hi Wayne,

WOW,  the surprises keep coming. "Grow up", "get a real life" and "crawl under a rock",  does that sound like something a professional would say?  Name calling and continuous insults are what people resort to when they have been caught and have no rebuttal. We don't stoop that low here, we just stick to the facts.

Not only were your comments a horrible reflection of your conduct, but also your  business integrity. Obviously I've hit a nerve, and if you feel backed into a corner it's because Monky's created a situation which you continue to inflame rather then peacefully resolve. Yes you are threatening me and my site, you responded on behalf of Monky's and didn't say otherwise, and besides how did you think I was going to take this comment:

"if you know anything about me you know that when someone tries to back me into a corner then my nasty side will show. "

- Is that somehow going to prove your not part of the threat Monky's named you in?

At least address the facts of the situation and discuss it rather than sending me belligerent emails with further threats and making no sense in relation to the current problem Monky's created. If you're somehow thinking you're making the situation better, you're not. I'm looking for an apology, which I'm sure I am not going to get from Monky's or yourself, instead I expect you to reply with more belligerent accusations and unfounded statements.

You're the one who made up the accusation that I exposed the information of customers complaining about Monky's (which they never denied) as some kind of retaliation for sponsorship.  Just the idea of someone thinking something so crazy and impossible based on the timeline reflects the maturity of anyone making that accusation.

If you must know the simple details, here it is:  Monky's had told me a few weeks ago they are going to sponsor us and I was under the impression it was going to go forward, between that time their profile was updated to reflect those very disturbing complaints and suddenly today I get the e-mail from Monky's stating you and others are going to take action against How you came up with that accusation, is absurd and doesn't make any sense. And if anyone read the original email, Monky's said themselves that they will not sponsor as a direct result of the links being put up in their profile. Like I said before, no one, not even sponsors are going to be given special treatment, this is a public consumer site.Right there, your accusation is pretty weak, and I do have all emails to prove it, should a legal issue arise.

If there is any legal issue now, it is that you are falsy accusing me of blackmail, when Monky's own email proves otherwise. So my legal issue would be, libelous statements made by you.

If you've seen our site, there are lots of companies with good reviews and bad reviews, that's how the site works, it's based on fact, not business relationships or ideals to increase profits. This is why I'm paying for the bulk of the server costs out of my own pocket so that no one with ill intentions can manipulate customer reviews.  This is just too funny, these are just links to complaints I provided it's not even hearsay which leads me to believe there's more to these complaints.  I'm very familiar with how the law works and it would be entertaining for people to see the tactics of Monky's, the owner of IVOAC and Luxury Imports bullying a consumer based site over links of customer complaints.  Links are how the WWW works, if you don't like it then you shouldn't have a site or be on the internet, no pun intended.

You have been very disrespectful, when it was you and Monkys who came after for revealing simple truths by the form of a link. Not only is this childish, it's very unprofessional Wayne and you don't have to be reminded about that. The threat was made by you, because as you see in the original e-mail your name is there and you never said that was not your position.  Instead, you responded back on Monky's behalf, I can only go by what is being written.  I don't make up things or read between the lines, I go by fact and what is said.  I take libellous statements very seriously, and the comments in question on are not even my own, they are simply links and summaries of other people which is why you might feel backed into such a corner again considering what you guys are trying to do.  I'm not sure how you come to your conclusions, it likely has more to do with your business relationship.

Regarding going public, if you didn't see the quote I posted (which I don't understand how you could miss or misunderstand) it was Monky's who said all of you wanted to make some kind of public statement about this.  Now that I have your permission, I'll be posting for consumer review.

I will include Monky's rebuttal about those complaints on their profile, that I think is very fair,  but if you ask me it makes things worse because he disappears when he's caught in those threads.

Wayne, you need to look closely at the timeline of things and start reading before you respond to me. You can believe what you want,  that's your prerogative. I just have one question, have you and Monky's also threaten the other sites and customers as well, or just me and  I wasn't interested in posting any of this, I was simply hoping that Monky's would reply and say 'hey, sorry, that's not what I meant to say, can you just put up my side of the story', instead you and Monky's became over-excited over 2 links that aren't even my own. Again these aren't my words, but if you took a look through those threads, not even the person who received a partial refund was impressed among others.  I think you guys are spending too much time threatening instead of focusing on your customers complaints.

I'm just shocked at what's happened on behalf of Monky's and Luxury Imports, it's not me bringing anyone's business or name into this.  If you want to blame someone for your name and company being in this, then  you shouldn't have agreed to have your name as part of the threat.  I can only hope we're the first and last forum you're going to threaten.

The one thing I agree is that Monky's response to those complaints is a fair thing to put on their profile, so I will be adding this. We are more than fair, but I am a very busy man, I am in China right now, so I don't exactly get everything up on time. Had Monky's just emailed me with that simple request I would have done it right away, instead he started a huge conflict and now I have to post this too. I really wish I hadn't had to read an email like that from Monky's or yourself. It's very surprising behavior from both of you. I'm a small time jdm site, focusing mainly on enthusiasts, how 2 links on my site can possibly be taken to this escalation, I have no clue.

I'm in China right now so I only have so much time to waste on this.  I wouldn't think anyone would need to know about what happened if Monky's had simply asked for their rebuttal to be included, but the fact that they demanded it be taken down and threatened us and also included IVOAC's owner and company Luxury Imports is very disturbing and cannot  be ignored.

I want to end this by saying I never expected this from you as a business, associate or professional nor did I see it coming from Monky's.
I hope the next time any of us make contact I won't have to deal with ridiculous threats and accusations with no foundation when it wasn't who initiated any of this.

This has never been a personal thing for me, but I've been told by some other people, that you have always had a dislike for our site. But we have always supported IVOAC, and regardless of the threats and the insults, I still support your site, because it's for a good cause. I believe it's more important to think ahead rather then jumping on with just emotions instead of facts.

That's all I have to say.  Have a good day, this is closed for me and now it's time to take the wife sight seeing and shopping :)




07/03/2009 5:33 AM

interesting comment about my company's ethics.


07/03/2009 6:05 AM

it might be better for your site credibility if you contact the company before posting up negative feedback. unless I am mistaken (and I am web illiterate) you have to move the comments from email to web posting which makes it YOUR post.
if you do post up negative feedback without checking it out then it does become your problem.
I realize you are trying to be a credible site that JDM enthusiasts can go to for honest evaluation but as this situation has shown it isn't.
everyone likes positive feedback on their company, negative feedback gets emotions riled up. this is exactly what has happened with Yas. he goes to your site, see negative feedback being posted but not the complete story. he spent a lot of money to make the Delica owner satisfied and yet nothing was posted about this.
here lies the problem, it is you that post the information up but without contacting Yas for his side of the story.
once the rest of the story is posted up, as you offered, then this all can go away. I do not think that Yas intentionally threatened you, I think it was a knee jerk reaction to negative feedback.
you are the one that took offense instead of apologizing and saying to Yas "hey, my bad, I will get this corrected as soon as I can", you come back all defensive. yet you want Yas to apologize for the threat. buddy, your site threatened his business incorrectly. are YOU man enough to apologize to Yas?
as for "the owner of IVOAC and Luxury Imports" comment, no matter who I am I defend my friends when they are being assaulted.
I would defend you, a fellow JDM enthusiast, if the situation called for it.


09/03/2009 11:16AM

Hi Wayne,

Again this is getting pointless for me to reply to. It seems no matter how many times I try to explain this, you are still going to try and intimidate me until I run this site in a way that fits your interests best. However, I can't do that. was started so people can share information about their experiences, about the good and bad on exporters, cars etc. It's a public enthusiast site, as I've mentioned a few times to you now.

Monky's and you had no complaints about our site when your profiles were spotless, but there was no concern about if the 'good things' I read were true or not. And yet, you are demanding me to now, verify the bad things? This does not make sense. We put up what we find, and it's up to people to read and think. We're linking to what's being said out there, and I'm sure you understand how the internet works. Don't try to push your 'way' of business on to You are free to promote your business and your business relationship with Monky's on your own site, put up as many reviews as you like, that's your business.

What tops the surprises, is that you are trying to turn this around and accuse us of wrong doing, when your threat of intimidation back fired. We did nothing wrong and that's very clear. Free speech Wayne, free speech, freedom of information, and the freedom to link- sorry but you don't control those. If you really want those 2 links taken down, threaten the Delica forum instead, if you haven't already, because those links are just links. I don't know why you're wasting your time replying to me.

I have no intention of changing it to better fit your idea of what can or can't be linked about complaints for your business associates. Instead, I urge you to reflect on those complaints and perhaps make changes so that those complaints don't repeat. Those are links, and are there for a reason.

What you are demanding is for to give the upper hand to Exporters (in this case, Monky's), and give them the benefit of the doubt when clearly after reading the 2 linked complaints, it's clear what had happened, and the fact that I was contacted in such a manner by Monky's is very alarming and puts the benefit of the doubt on the complainant.

Customers with legitimate complaints are not going to be stifled or pushed away from my site, nor will I take links or complaints down. I made a policy on this from the start and I am surely not going to change it now in the face of some sad exporter tactics. Lucky for me, I'm pretty well versed with law, and I have done nothing to merit any legal action against me or the site. However, I have seen some liable comments made by you being tossed around, and not only is it very immature, it's not very professional. We are professionals and surely, we can have disagreements without you having to resort to childish name calling, or trying to strong arm me into changing my site when there is nothing wrong with the way it runs. I encourage you to perhaps instead, focus on your business and the biased take you have on this Monky's situation.

This could have ended a long time ago, in fact, this could have been avoided all together, had Monky's done what was responsible and professional in the first place. I'm not going to rehash on this anymore Wayne, but I think you need to understand 'fair comment' and realize that posting 2 weblinks that are relevant and have merit does not make the linker responsible for the content (regardless of their content)- legal jargon. Your idea of verify is to accept the story of the Exporter, when the exporter in question clearly did not address all of the complaints or even stayed in the thread when caught 'red handed'.

I'm not trying to come off as being offensive, but this is getting a bit to ridiculous and taking too much time. 2 companies with a business relationship are trying to somehow make a public forum, less public....does that sound right?

If you have checked the threads, you would see Yas's (Monky's) side of the 'story' was put up long ago, if you guys are concerned about getting the 'truth' out, you should return to the those linked threads and clear the air after Monky's was called out and disappeared. That to me, makes a bigger statement than the links I've put up.

I'm not interested in responding to your personal ideals, attacks and dislikes for our site and serving the interests of MONKY's and Luxury Imports frivolous complaints about our site. It's childish, and has no relevance anymore to the case in hand, if anything, it is just making the situation worse. I'm a pretty fair guy, and I have done my best to make this site as unbiased and fair as possible, with no preference or special treatment to any Exporter or person (even a sponsor).

Please don't worry about my relationship with Exporters. I feel that mostly all the Exporters on my site and who watch my site understand that this is about the enthusiast and the consumer. This is a benefit to the consumer and the Exporter, both benefit from knowing the kind of customer they are targeting and for the consumer, the kind of Exporter they want to do business with. I think that's a fair trade off. Have you heard of the BBB, well consider as working as a JDM BBB. Regardless of the nature of the complaint the BBB still records them if they are presented with complaints and go on the company's record. This gives the customer an idea of the all the complaints as well as the good reviews. Again...I think these are all things you know, but for whatever reason choose to ignore and continue to pick at because you really can't think of anything else.

If this is an issue of contacting the company, perhaps MONKY's shouldn't have disappeared when he was called out in those threads over and over, he was caught red handed although we don't say that in the profile at all.  We simply provide the information and the people who read it can decide, which is understandably a concern for any companies operating as the customers allege in those threads.

As I said in my earlier emails, I posted all the email correspondence (between myself, you and Monky's) up...this should clear up any childish rumors that might have been swirled up, that engaged in some sort of blackmail. I'm not going to address this again, but I think to any reasonable person, it's very obvious what's happened here.

I'll just end it by saying regardless of your continued attempts, it really has no influence on our site and we didn't put up MONKY's side as a favor or as a result of that threat, but it's funny you call us biased yet you want to force us to cherry pick the information out there about MONKY's because of your business relationship.

It was you and MONKY's that initiated all of this by contacting us with threats of legal action and demanding we remove the links.
We have nothing more to say in regards to this issue and hope this gives our members and viewers a chance to understand what has happened here.

It's very unfortunate that this had to be put up, I didn't really want to embarrass 2 professionals, however, this had to be made public due to the nature of the accusations I was being blamed for.

This will be my final contact with you on this matter. It's a waste of everyone's time, including the public who will be viewing this letter. It's long, and time consuming, and it only repeats what I have said many times before. If you do feel the need to reply, please note, that I will not reply back.

-I just want to end off by stating this letter (e-mail) was written without prejudice-


Areeb Yasir


09/03/2009 11:57 AM

blah blah blah
end quote
lets get one thing straight. I was making a suggestion, take it or leave it.
once again, you go off the deep end. you need to take your meds and definitely do not miss group this week, your inferiority complex is showing and it isn't pretty.
when you came to IVOAC and stirred up the people there, the gent that said that people with your personality should not start a site like yours hit the nail on the head.
warning: this email in it's entirety will be shared on my discretion.


09/03/2009 1:50 PM

do you realize that when you sign an email with:

This communication is intended for the addressee(s) and may contain confidential information.  The contents of this e-mail MAY NOT be disseminated by the addressee(s) in any form or part, to a third party. We do not waive confidentiality by mistransmission.  If you have received this communication in error, any use, dissemination, printing or copying is strictly prohibited; please destroy all electronic and paper copies and notify the sender immediately.
it applies to you as well? once again you blew it and have opened yourself up to possible legal action.


09/03/2009 10:41 PM

Hi Yas

I will include this on our site to show that you have retracted the threat.  Your profile was updated several days ago with your side of the story but we did not have time to contact you back.

I'm still not sure what is going on because even after this e-mail I've received some statements from Wayne at Luxury Imports on your behalf, which I am still receiving.

I need to know what e-mails were on your behalf or which ones were sent on his own accord.  If Wayne is not acting as your contact in Canada when he is sending these e-mails I need you to clarify, so I can let our viewers know the threats were retracted.

My concern is that libelous statements are still being made by Wayne, and he has now escalated this into a real legal issue by manipulating the e-mails we exchanged and making the manipulations public.  All content posted on will always be free from manipulation and editing and in their full entirety.

Please let me know if I should assume that after this e-mail was sent, it was Wayne and Luxury Imports who continued the threat and not you?

Thanks for clearing this up.  I hope the next time we speak it won't be ugly like this.

It's unfortunate but after Wayne and Luxury Imports was assigned by you as the contact to take action against us in Canada and made libelous statements and accusations, we were forced to post all material so people could judge what happened on their own.

I will clarify, this is not a threat to you Yas nor do I mean any offense.  I just want you to understand my position and also clarify so there is no confusion about Wayne and Luxury Imports involvement.



09/03/2009 11:00 PM

Hi Wayne

I will just respectfully say, that disclaimer is from myself, and I can decide to disclose the contents, but a third party is not allowed to.  However, you are allowed to in this case because I've already said everything will be posted.

I don't think you are as familiar with the law as you say, I do take this as a serious legal issue to the defamation of my name on your site, and the reason is because of the edits, omissions, manipulations of the e-mails and the context in a libelous way.

I'm going to kindly ask that you unlock that thread so I can post the full correspondence without any omissions or that you do so yourself.  I am also asking you to correct the facts, where you falsely and absurdly accuse me of blackmail, and retaliation in regards to sponsorship.  That is a libelous statement without any grounds as you understand and as the e-mail correspondence in full, does prove.

I will be upfront with you, I  have consulted lawyer and I am considering legal action against you and Luxury Imports and IVOAC for defamation of character because of the libelous statements made there (it's not what you said the e-mails as those were intended to be private, but that your manipulations and omissions make it appear as fact).  I don't want you to take this as a threat, but I'm not going to have my reputation damaged and sit back, considering that MONKY's has started this issue and made the initial contact and threats and that you've maintained contact on behalf of MONKY's (unless I am told otherwise by Yasuhiro).

All I am asking is for the entire correspondence to be put up, I don't want anything taken down as I have nothing to hide, and know the full correspondence without omissions or edits tells the story.  Fair comment is allowed by the law, but not by manipulation and omission of the situation to suit a particular context.

I will only be responding to legal issues between us and I'm also asking for the harassment and numerous e-mails to stop.

Thanks for your consideration.


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